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    Our day out..... with birds!

    Great picture of the lovebird species :P
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    Having a Sleep Test tonight

    I call it the elephant scuba gear. Lol. I was diagnosed with it last year. unfortunately, mine is not covered and therefore, I am just dealing with it. If you do have it, be glad it was diagnosed as many doctors tend to oversee it. You'll find much relief with the cpap. I hope it all goes well...
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    Annabel: Life as a Diva

    Thanks Shiloh. The woman hadn't gone there for a bunny at all but of course Annabel swept her right off her feet as usual. I see Anna hasn't lost her knack :)I'm happy that she wasn't too depressed or anything,I was really concerned about that. Right now I haven't asked the new owner for...
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    Annabel: Life as a Diva

    Annabel was adopted by a veterinary assitant on Saturday. The woman has children, 2 cats and a dog but they all love animals and are gentle. Annabel has a large cage and lots of free-time. She has settled in well and has enjoyed flopping and allowing the family to cuddle her as much as they...
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    Need help

    Speaking from experience, always put safety, mental and physical health first. You had the position before and found it stressful. Stress will only make you dislike what you do. Before you know it, you'll be forcing yourself out of bed to get to work, not enjoying it at all, and doing it...
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    Annabel: Life as a Diva

    Thank you. It's not easy to accept.
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    Annabel: Life as a Diva

    A few days before Christmas, I had an attack bad enough that anyone with half a head on their shoulders would have called an ambulance to deal with. I knew they'd keep me and, with last year's Christmas ruined, I certainly hadn't wanted to spend this one in the hospital. So I dealt, stupidly...
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    my mum is going 2 kill my bunny!

    Just wanting to clarify... Irishlops, you don't need to run off. I noticed that things weren't adding up and other members have noticed it as well. Being a forum administrator myself, I have my own instincts and went to check out your profile where I noticed that things weren't adding up. All...
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    my mum is going 2 kill my bunny!

    Birthday: 1995-02-12 I smell a troll...
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    Hey Michelle, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles this week :?How scary! I hate knowing that people can get addresses so easily. Did the police say anything? I certainly understand you being spooked though. :hug:We got a lot of snow here yesterday, and yet I still found myself shopping...
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    *Wiggles* - One Year Gone

    I just want to say thank you to those who replied, and especially to Tracy (Flashy) who played a major role in getting me through that day. Thank you.
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    *Wiggles* - One Year Gone

    :heartsRIP Wiggly Poo 2003-2007:hearts Dear baby girl, Is it really one year today? Why then has the pain not eased yet? It seems like just yesterday I wascradling you in my arms as you went to sleep one last time. I've been haunted by that day ever since. There isn't a day that you haven't...
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    Micheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelle!!! They're so gorgeous! I love them both! Eeeeee :biggrin2:I'm so happy you got them. Congrats on your new babies! I'd name one Ratatouille. LOL. :PThey are really cute though, did I tell you that? ;)
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    Gift Shop Sign

    LMAO Should have had one for the game store :PThat's the best!
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    What would you do?

    Thanks guys. The chiropractor is really good and does x-rays before touching anything so I'm not worried. He's a very serious man and he loves what he does, working very long hours etc. My father's been seeing him for 20 years. At least right now my focus is off my back, I had a severe asthma...
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    you know its sad when your kids get excited over sleet

    We got 20 cm yesterday. Plenty for them to play in. It's the sticky kind so they can make snowmen and get into snowball fights too. :)
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    Oh my my, big big hugs to you. I'm not exactly in the same position as you, but I certainly know how it feels to be in your home without feeling at home because of other family members. I certainly would discuss with my husband and tell him it's time to reclaim our home if I were you. I know...
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    Fur colour question

    RAL Rabbitry wrote: Castor indeed means beaver :)
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    Prayers for Nigel, please

    Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear. How scary! I wonder what caused it :?i hope he'll be alright soon, hang in there :hug:
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    Baby Reds!

    DyemondRabbitry wrote: Um... YES you do!!! We want pics! :biggrin2::P