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    Large hard pea-sized lumps in Mini Lops ears?

    One possibility when there's a lump on the ear is an ear (aural) hematoma.
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    closing one eye

    As not all vets are equal with our precious buns, I wonder did the vet check his eye for a corneal scratch with a fluoroscein stain test? A drop of greenish dye is put into the eye and the eye examined with a special light. A hay may have poked it. A small scratch will heal by itself but usually...
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    Rabbit respiratory problems?

    Another thing that could irritate his eyes and airways is ammonia fumes from the peed litter--or the litter itself. What kind of bedding do you use and how often does it get changed?
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    Home grown grass

    I grow wheatgrass indoors and have been doing so for about 1,5 years. I start a new grass several times a week and toss the contents of the tray after every harvest. Always have to be careful not to get white mould on the dirt. Use a tray with holes and an undertray, don't overwater. My...
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    Scabbing around the mouth (continues)

    Sorry, I don't know about the matter, but there's a book that might be worth a look: Skin Diseases of Rabbits By Esther van Praag, Ph.D., with Amir Maurer, DVM, and Tal Saarony...
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    whistling nose?

    Yes, I was hoping the poster might still be around and share more.
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    whistling nose?

    My rabbit's nose is whistling a bit sometimes. The vet kind of dismissed it but we will probably go there again. What did your vet say about Charlie's nose?
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    Rabbit just got spayed, need some advice

    They probably injected her with painkiller after the surgery and that's why you only need to start the painkiller tomorrow. As JBun said, keep her warm and comfortable on clean bedding/towels/blankets, feed and water her as needed, and give painkillers tomorrow. And just let her sleep and rest...
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    Possible UTI and/or stasis?

    Sorry to hear your bunny is not well. I've dealt with an UTI many times with my boy rabbit, and another one also had it once or twice. The symptoms and onset can vary from bunny to bunny and case to case, but if it's an UTI, the bunny will likely be making frequent pees outside the litter box...
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    Vaccine and antibiotics

    My senior bunny had her Nobivac Myxo RHD Plus "triple" vaccine yearly booster about a week ago, and I'm just wondering when would it be OK for her to have antibiotics if she needed them? Oral, something like Baytril/Exoflox. Would it ruin the effect of the vaccine? She had a thorough check up...
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    Critical care supplement?

    To my knowledge, Critical Care for Herbivores although powdery, contains long fibres, and you can kind of see them with your eye in the mixture. In my opinion it is far superior over pellets for a sick bunny, especially if feeding is needed over several days or even weeks. Feeding too much...
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    Sinus infection and comfort cares

    Has the discharge ever been cultured? To find out what strain of bacteria it is and what antibiotics can kill it? Even if it has, that might be good to do again, and then a long enough course hopefully would take care of it.
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    Help! My rabbit keeps peeing on himself

    When did he have the other 2 UTIs? If he's peeing himself now, then it sounds like another UTI or there could be some other reason, but an infection, if present, is something that should be treated as soon as possible, and even if no infection, a diagnosis and treatment is still important. Also...
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    Oh, all right. I guess it just didn't work for my lop. Her sneezing seemed to eventually stop when we switched all bunnies in the house away from wood pellets. Despite many vet visits and antibiotics just in case, never found another explanation. I wish the best for OP's bun. xx
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    Please change into something that isn't made of pine wood as that always releases essentials oils that can be irritating to the airways, unfortunately. Straw pellet litter (for horses) is a better alternative. These days I just use towels/mats that get changed daily and it actually works really...
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    Assume the worst (some kind of infection) and take her to the vet--but try to find the best vet you can. Resistance is not really a concern at this point, nothing has even been tried yet. It's more something that may happen with prolonged (or uninfinished course) antibiotic use or on/off usage...
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    Debridement surgery

    I'm sorry I don't know about this, but there's a special book about rabbit skin diseases, maybe you could track down a copy: Skin Diseases of Rabbits: Esther van Praag, Amir Maurer, Tal Saarony: 9780557533077: Books I see you're in Canada and there must be some excellent exotic vets...
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    Can a rabbit pass cat food if they eat hay and drink water?

    Make sure he eats, drinks, and poops. It should be out of his system in less than 24 hours. Hopefully it doesn't upset the balance of his gut bacteria.
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    When my Lionhead girl had a tooth root abscess and had surgery & was on antibiotics and not eating well, I gave her big dried echinacea leaves and she liked them. I think I got them from a health food shop at the time. If I recall right, they boost the body's immunity system by slightly...
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    Rabbit in pain when pee-ing

    I would not try to heal a bacterial infection with home remedies. A bunny's condition can worsen very fast and an infection can spread. And if there's a blockage in the urinary tract by a stone, giving liquid could at worst cause the bladder to burst which is pretty much fatal. The right...