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  1. hummer

    Welcome To Buck's Bunny Bistro!

    Hi, hummer here. Not sure if anyone here remembers me and Miffy. We came around here in March of '05, I needed help with my new rabbit and all of you were so great. I think I even remember Buck answering one of my posts! Miffy died about 1 year after I had her, we went on a trip and the...
  2. hummer


    "Rabbits also drink between two and three bottles of water every day, Nolan added." Whose bunny drinks between 2 and 3 water bottles a day? Iknow my Miffy never did. It sounds like there were goodintentions with the article but the writer needed to get completeinformation and verify it before...
  3. hummer

    Share Your Photography Pictures!

    Here are a few pictures from our trip to Holland and hubby and I took side trip to Paris...
  4. hummer

    How do you wash slippers??

    If I were you I would wash them in cold water and then see about hanging them to dry over some kind of heater. And make sure that they are dry before you start wearing them. As far as them staying wet over night, I know that you can buy a boot dryer for boots, maybe that would work for your...
  5. hummer

    Welcome to California!!

    maherwoman, you are better than I. Last month we moved from San Diego County to New Jersey and I could not be happier to get away from those quakes! I am originally from northern CA up by the Oregon border and we had a few big ones while I was there. I can't stand them, and now that we are...
  6. hummer

    Fellow Google Earth fans

    I just spent a hour looking for the Great Wallof China and found nothing! Ugh...:( Can you let meknow what are the coordinates for it? I am so annoyed withmyself, they say you can see it from space but I thing I would have towalk into it to find it!:X I did manage to find the world'sbusiest...
  7. hummer

    Fellow Google Earth fans

    :happydanceWow! I love thatspot! That is the first time I have seen animals on GoogleEarth, I look all the time (esp. in Africa for elephants) but I haveyet to see anything. Myself though I have not found afavorite spot, I just love the whole thing.
  8. hummer

    Welcome to the Wild..

    :wave2Hi there, Hummer here, I am not here awhole bunch anymore since Miffy died but I do come by every now andthen and have enjoyed all of the postings regarding Africam.I discovered this a few months ago but have yet to see lions so I amjealous of all of you that have. I am not sure if any of...
  9. hummer

    Coca-Cola advert

    I also remember that one and it reminds me ofhome. Every year, there would be a Truckers Christmas Paradethat would go from one town to the other on the highway. Itwas fun to see all the different lights and such on the trucks. I miss my hometown...
  10. hummer

    Worried about my daughter

    Wow, I could not imagine what you must be going through and I really hope that you find out soon. A couple of things pop up for me, my best friend has migraines andunfortunatly she has passed them down to her 6 year old daughter andTylenol is able to take care of most of the pain for her...
  11. hummer


    I took a knitting class through the localcommunity school and I love it. I got sick of sitting infront of the tv feeling like I should be doing somethingmore. So now at night when watching tv I am also knittingstuff, whether it is a felted bag for my daughter, knitted washclothsfor my mom or...
  12. hummer

    My dog is pulling my arms off!

    I used to have a elkhound mix named Nikki andshe would also pull, until I bought her a prong collar and it alwaysworked for me. Check this link out and here is another little snippet I found that gives a gooddescription of it "The prong collar is made of...
  13. hummer

    Rant about my sis.

    I just wanted to give you this for allthat you have been going through. I am also very happy thathe does not have access to those kids anymore. I truely hopethat your sister is able to get herself up. I hope that itworks out best for the kids, your sister and you and your husband.
  14. hummer

    Rabbit Resourse Links

    I didn't know about the emails, thats too badthat people are not reading them or the stickies up there. Ihave seen on other forums where the mods have taken the repeat postsand combined them along with the answers, maybe that? Iunderstand that it would be more work for you but I am not sure...
  15. hummer

    Rabbit Resourse Links

    I agree with Bunman. I know the sitehas been revamped and all (it looks great!) but I do not think that thenew members even look at the links that are stickied. Nowait, let me change that, they are not looking atFeeding Your RabbitQ&A andBunny 101 Indexstickies. Maybe when a new member...
  16. hummer

    finally got the woodypet litter, BUT......

    What I did with my WP was I put it in aRubbermaid type container and put the container in thecloset. Maybe what you can do is when you buy a new bag, putit in a container and put the container in the garage or outside (if itis dry) for a couple of days to let it "air out" some. Good luck
  17. hummer

    finally got the woodypet litter, BUT......

    I think as long as you don't empty the spraybottle onto the Woody Pet, I don't think that there would be aproblem. I tried switching my cat to WP and I lightly sprayedthe top to try and "soften" it up a little and while it did work my catdid not like the it being the litter snob that she is! I...
  18. hummer

    Squirt bottle training?

    When Miffy was alive, I used a squirt bottle andshe still loved me. I would squirt her and give her a veryfirm NO when she tried eating the carpet (will not get rid of wall towall carpet) or when she would chase and/or run and growl towards mysenior citizen kitty Hobbes. Her reaction was shaking...
  19. hummer

    Tank - I give up

    ilovetegocalderon, I have been following yourposts from the beginning with Tank and you get all sorts of respectfrom me for taking the time and effort with this little fuzzyterror. I also understand that it can seem like it is notgoing to get better although I really hope that it does andsoon...
  20. hummer

    "Cap'n, thar be fish in here!"

    Seeing pictures of your aquarium makes me wantanother one, its weird to think that owning fish can be fun.I had all sorts of communtiy fish, mollies, red-tail sharks, tetras,glass catfish and a dojo that hid in the rocks all the time.But no new animals until we make that 3,000 mile move across...