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  1. LassieBunBun


    So I just found out that our hardware store (affiliated with Ace Hardware) sells Kaytee forti-diet natural pellets rabbit food and they can not be returned once bought. To avoid getting bad pellets again, is the Oxbow Essentials actually good for rabbits? I won't be able to get pellets for so...
  2. LassieBunBun

    Hello all

    Welcome! I hope you find the forum informative and full of kindness!
  3. LassieBunBun

    We're Quin and Maggi

    They are adorable!
  4. LassieBunBun

    Tell me

    I saw this trend on Instagram and thought it might be fun here; So tell me that your rabbits are molting without say they're molting. (Pictures do count!) I'll start! (You're gonna have to look closely since we recently cleaned their areas, Thumper has white tufts of fur everywhere but it's...
  5. LassieBunBun


    Hoppy belated b-day! 🍒🍓🍇🥕🌹🍉🍌🍎 <--- Some late b-day treats for them
  6. LassieBunBun

    Two bunnies…or not two bunnies?

    I'm not an expert so take what I say with some salt, but from what I heard size doesn't matter. There are some Dwarfs that are best friends with Flemish and average sized bunnies but I'd try to find some more her size if I was you but it all depends on who she'd get along best with. I heard that...
  7. LassieBunBun

    Introducing Bluebell

    Welcome! Bluebell is so cute!
  8. LassieBunBun

    Meet Bumble

    Hello and welcome! She is GORGEOUS!
  9. LassieBunBun


    Hello! Welcome, I hope you find the forum full of kindness and informative
  10. LassieBunBun

    Water bowl questions

    I hope this the right thread for this.... Hey party people! (I'm trying to be funny, sorry) It's been a while since I was last here, I really need to check up here more often. Anyway I have a few questions, the first being how often should I clean Blossom and Thumper's water bowls? Just before...
  11. LassieBunBun

    "Full Cheeks" snacks

    My older sister went to petsmart and got treats for the buns for Christmas because the bag said "for rabbits" and I'm just wondering if it's actually safe since I know the Full Cheeks isn't exactly that great at some products. Picture below of what she got!
  12. LassieBunBun

    Jeff, Candyfloss, Angel and Cookie

    So cute! Welcome to the forum!
  13. LassieBunBun

    Breeder vs. Rescue

    Well the ones that are 2 could be with you for a decade or a bit more to, but that's besides the point. If I had a crystal ball I could look to the future and see which would beg good for you but I can't and the only advice I have is to go with your gut. Thumper and Blossom (my bunnies) were...
  14. LassieBunBun

    Say Hello to Mr. Meli!

    He's so cute!
  15. LassieBunBun

    Sorry for not being around much

    I'm sorry for not being around much this last week, we had to say goodbye to our 14 year old Lhasa Apso--Demon--on the 3rd. I'm trying to come back but it's been a really hard week, he was our last dog. Anyway I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
  16. LassieBunBun

    Clipping squirmy bunny nails

    Which do you recommend best? I saw like 3 or 4 with one technique and another 3 or 4 with something totally different
  17. LassieBunBun

    Clipping squirmy bunny nails

    Our vet clips the nails for $25-$30 but they need to do a check up before clipping the nails which costs $50-$65
  18. LassieBunBun

    Posting for a friend

    I got a message from her today and she wants to apologize, she figured out what made her male lose weight. Her female was being a bully to him, she chased him away from the hay rack so she's going to seperate them and hope for the best.
  19. LassieBunBun

    Posting for a friend

    She did and now he's gaining weight again, more in the post below this one.
  20. LassieBunBun

    Posting for a friend

    Sorry for the late reply, had to wait until she replied back. She told me that they did everything except x-rays and that everything came back normal. As for the hay quality she said it's green and feels a little rougher than your usual first cut Timothy grass hay and she said she cleaned his...