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    Supply tips from swedes?

    Sorry I can't offer any advice, but I'm very jealous! Happy travels!
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    Mental/behavioral effects on health

    I ran this by my sister who's a behavioral psychologist who's worked with both people and animals. She did think that it could be a behavioral reaction. For example, maybe Haru's figured out that you'll massage her belly in reaction to specific behaviors. To test whether the issue is...
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    Mental/behavioral effects on health

    Whoaaa. Of course I don't think humans are geniuses or angels. Actually, to your point, @john.thorpe1952, my bunny has me pretty darn well trained at this point. 🙃 I do hope you get to the bottom of whatever is troubling Haru. Keep us posted!
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    Mental/behavioral effects on health

    I'm no bunny expert, but ... I have trouble wrapping my mind around the idea that a rabbit could develop such a complicated psychological neurosis. A human, for sure! But a rabbit?
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    Rabbit is peeing outside of litterbox

    Ah, I see. That sounds like a good idea. For a while I did have to use multiple litter boxes when my bunny started peeing in new places. Keep us posted.
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    Water bowl questions

    I think you're overthinking it lol. I just use dish soap and water. Soap is a surfactant. That means it works by surrounding dirt molecules and allowing them to be removed more easily. In the end, after you've washed something you're rinsing away both the contaminants and the soap so there's...
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    Rabbit is peeing outside of litterbox

    I had the same problem with my bunny, which puzzled me endlessly until I figured out that she was peeing with her rump over the edge of the litter box. I solved the problem by replacing her litter box with a taller dish pan and it never happened again. I cut out a rectangle at one end of the...
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    This is Bonnie

    Adorable! Very lucky girl.
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    Not eating (RIP)

    I'm so so sorry for the loss of your adorable bunny. 😞 Very, very sad.
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    Traveling with a bun?

    Years ago when I had my first bunny we made an arrangement with another family. We took care of their bunny when they went away and vice versa - - but always in separate spaces so the bunnies didn't interact. Now my neighbors come and feed and play with my bunny when I'm gone and I reciprocate...
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    HELP!! Bunny straining to pee 1 month post spay...

    Try to be gentle with yourself. You loved her and did your utmost with the information you had at the time. As mere mortals all we can do is do our best.
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    very very sick rabbit fever 108.2 (RIP)

    I'm so sorry to hear this. You made a heroic effort. Sending hugs and healing thoughts.
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    Help Finding Vets in Chautauqua County

    That's great news! Thanks for sharing.
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    Robbie missing

    Yea!!! 🥳🥳🥳
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    Lucky bunny, scored single bed (doll size bed)!

    Very cute. I bought my bunny a hanging chair intended for cats and she's never taken an interest in it at all. Looks like yours loves both of his beds!
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    What are the benefits to neuter your rabbit?

    @Preitler , You're a fantastic writer. If you write a book, I'm going to be one of the first to buy it. And I want to signed copy!
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    Rolling up the rug

    I love this! ❤️
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    Broken bond with your bunny

    I've actually had to reestablish trust with my rabbit twice. It can take a while. But I've come to realize that change comes very gradually for my bunny -- so gradually that I often don't notice it until I look back and remember how fearful and skittish she used to be. But it definitely does...
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    Broken bond with your bunny

    I had a similar problem when I first adopted my bunny. I had to move her and she hated being picked up and became afraid of me. I found this video really helpful for reestablishing her trust. She's so happy to be with us now. How to gain the trust of shy or defensive rabbits YouTube · Bill...