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  1. Orrin

    Splayed legs 😢

    It would be wise to follow the above splinting advice. I'm no veterinary; but, I watch every vet show on television. I've seen successful outcomes when a splay-legged animal is splinted while the bones are young and formative. Splay can be fixed if done in time. That is why it breaks my...
  2. Orrin

    wood pellets for litter

    We use wood pellets in the bottom of our litter boxes and cover them with a layer of kiln-dried wood shavings. Each day we cover the fresh bunny-berries with more shavings. For some of the rabbits we cover the pellets with hay; however, urine-soaked hay generates its own stink and we need to...
  3. Orrin

    Should I get a second rabbit?

    Yes, we waited. First off the buck needed to grow a little before his neutering. Then, the hormones needed to wear off. Then, the doe was mysteriously infected with mites and the treatment for them took a while longer. (Where they came from we will never know. We've had rabbits for years...
  4. Orrin

    Should I get a second rabbit?

    We have three bonded pairs and it is touching and heartwarming to see the love and affection they show toward one another. I would heartily recommend your getting a companion, providing it doesn't cause any problems within your family. Our most recent bond took place a couple of days ago...
  5. Orrin

    Does my holland lop hear me properly?

    We have a deaf Flemish Giant. No amount of noise will startle him. It makes things difficult because we cannot call him for treats, going outdoors, or whatever. However, we love him just the same.
  6. Orrin

    Can rabbits be left alone for a week

    No. Please, no. As Ampee said, "The way Rabbits' system works it's basically a time bomb..." I'd be beside myself if I had to leave our rabbits overnight. My wife and I recently had some medical issues; so, we hired a neighbor lad to check in on our rabbits every day; his mom or...
  7. Orrin

    Need help finding a hidey house!

    Like Nancy mentioned, our cardboard hidey holes keep our buns entertained for hours on end, day after day. None of their toys will do that. Sure, the cardboard is soon reduced to shreds, but who cares as long as it keeps them occupied and satisfied?
  8. Orrin

    Need help finding a hidey house!

    Our buns have cardboard box hidey holes, something that won't break our budget. Long ago I started layering the cardboard to extra thicknesses using cheap white glue. That way they stand up to bunny chewing a bit longer; but, since they didn't cost us a dime we don't mind the bunstruction. :)
  9. Orrin

    Should I get a second rabbit

    All of our rabbits have been paired. They have the pleasure of friendship and mutual grooming 24/7, something no human can offer them. Read just the first paragraph on this Web page, then decide what to do.
  10. Orrin

    Water bowl

    Dollar Tree sells a plastic non-tip bowl for pets. We use them for some of our buns. The others use small frying pans or sauce pans that we pick up from thrift stores for less than a dollar, usually. I only buy those that have no handles, or, handles that can be removed, easily. We only use...
  11. Orrin

    Rabbit dirty and wet bottom??

    Arloismybunny's rabbit may have stepped in pee or spilled water; but, in Alybrooke's case, here is something that might apply, intermittent soft cecotropes. A couple of our bunnies have experienced it.
  12. Orrin

    Are pine wood pellets safe for litter?

    We sprinkle kiln-dried pine shavings over a generous layer of wood pellets. It is a combination that is odor-free. Each day we cover the fresh bunny berries with another sprinkling of pine shavings. When the litter box gets full we dump onto the garden and start over. The buns love it and...
  13. Orrin

    Free roaming Flemish--Do I actually NEED a cage?

    Our Flemmie has a set-up much like JBun's. We erected a 3' X 8' pen for keeping him confined for litter training; but, he picked up on that overnight. Now, the pen is gone and only the two chair mats remain, covered with a throw rug. Besides his "home base" litter pan he has another in a...
  14. Orrin

    Adopted 2nd rabbit - original rabbit not using litter box anymore

    We have a four-year old spayed doe who had perfect litter habits. Then, we adopted a young Flemish Giant and put him in the room next to hers; there is a gate in between. Immediately, the doe started peeing and pooping outside the gate; so, we gave her another litter box by the gate. She is...
  15. Orrin

    I need some ideas for toys please

    Rabbits are like children. They get tired of the same old toy all the time; but, we keep a rag of a cotton towel or tee-shirt in their living area. Sometimes they'll play with it. The number one entertainment for them, however, is cardboard boxes and newspapers. Somebody asked if carboard...
  16. Orrin

    What treats do you feed your buns and what one(s) are their favorite?

    JBun said "My rabbits go nuts for willow leaves." So do all of ours. Once a day I give each pair of our rabbits a large willow branch, fresh off the tree. They will have it picked clean by the next morning. JBun's practice of drying leaves sounds like an excellent thing to do. If I can...
  17. Orrin

    What treats do you feed your buns and what one(s) are their favorite?

    We have settled on the Selective Naturals Meadow Loops. We formerly used dried diced papaya; but, the sugar content is too high to be giving them every time a bun begs for a treat. My favorite rabbit died from GI upset and I attribute it to the papaya. On the other hand, the Meadow Loops...
  18. Orrin

    1 bun vs 2 they stay out of trouble more? Opinions?

    When all of our rabbits were paired it seemed as though one of each pair continued to do what we humans call mischief; but, to a rabbit it is normal behavior: digging, chewing, whatever. Granted, a pair devoted to one another will spend quite a bit of time grooming and snuggling with one...
  19. Orrin

    Amy's Accidental Rabbitry

    Do a "google" for "incomplete gonadectomy." It happened to one of our bucks.
  20. Orrin

    Why Did You Get Rabbits?

    Our cat attacked and tormented a baby cottontail. We rescued it and it grew up. Of course, cottontails belong in the wild; so, we released it. But... I was devastated. My life was suddenly empty; but, as luck would have it our Humane Society had the pair of does you see in my avatar. We...