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  1. Revverress

    Silver Martens

    Very cool! I've been (highly) considering dropping out of my Tans for the time being as well to pick up a lower-maintenance dual purpose breed, and Silver Martens have been on my list of possibilities. They're such beautiful animals; I'd love to see pictures of yours! Best of luck with them! :)
  2. Revverress

    Is Pepsi REALLY a Netherland Dwarf?

    Agree with the possibility of a Polish cross... Maaaaybe a mini rex cross? A mix wouldn't have the plush rex fur. Whatever she is, she's NOT a silver.... That's an incredibly rare breed, and their body and coat type are very different. I wouldn't ever expect to see a silver mix turn up in a pet...
  3. Revverress

    Which English Lop should I get?

    I've been involved with raising English Lops since 2007. I'm currently on hiatus from breeding them, but I still keep up with the breed and know how to interpret the standard. Here's my thoughts on the rabbits posted: 1) Broken Blue Doe If you don't buy this rabbit, I will haha. She has good...
  4. Revverress

    Rabbit Breeders Ohio

    If you're looking for a herd sire to start a breeding program, I would honestly rethink purchasing this specific rabbit for a few reasons... 1) There are no posed photos of the rabbit. I personally do not take a show breeder very seriously if he or she is advertising show animals, but can't...
  5. Revverress

    Show Questions

    bjbarrick- I'm in Virginia, and I'm planning on going to the Charles Town, WV show in June. If you decide to make it out to the show, shoot me a PM and I'd be happy to meet up with you at the show and help you out in any way I can. I'd tell you to come to the Aylett, VA show this weekend, but I...
  6. Revverress

    I have trouble keeping my rabbits in condition

    For anyone reading, this is an extremely outdated and potentially dangerous method of deworming, and I wish breeders would stop recommending "horse paste" to each other. 1) A "lima bean" (or "pea sized", as most breeders recommend) amount is not a method of dosing. You have no idea if you're...
  7. Revverress

    Showing Rabbits?

    For an ARBA show, you need to pay attention and be ready to bring the rabbit up to the show table when they call your class. Most shows will have poster boards above the judge's table that list the breeds to be examined by that judge in the order they will be judged. Pay attention, and know when...
  8. Revverress

    Any other Holland Lop enthusiasts?

    The Richmond Rabbits Breeders Association is having their winter show Dec. 7 in Aylett, VA. That would be a good beginner's show, as it's large enough there should be several Holland breeders there, but not so big you'd get overwhelmed. Here's some more information on the show if you're...
  9. Revverress

    2013 ARBA Convention

    Great shots Mike! So glad you got to come! I looked around for you but didn't see you. :( Convention was so crazy, fun, and overwhelming... I was pretty sick for most of the weekend and left the showroom early each night, so didn't get to see half of the things I wanted to, but still managed to...
  10. Revverress

    Rabbits At The Fair

    Is this at the VA State Fair, PaGal? If so, I'm surprised they had rabbits this year since I couldn't find any information about a sanctioned rabbit show on the fair website... If that is the state fair, and if that Belgian is owned by the woman who I think owns him (which, considering how rare...
  11. Revverress

    2013 ARBA Convention

    Forgot to mentioned! Volunteers have worked together to be able to film parts of Convention with their phones... I know last year, the breed presentations were able to be viewed live via the website, and it was so intense! Anyone unable to go to Convention should check out the website to be able...
  12. Revverress

    2013 ARBA Convention

    The preliminary count is in, and it looks like there will be 22,111 animals entered in Convention this year! :D I won't be there the day they do the breed presentations, so I'm going to miss seeing whether or not they pass unfortunately. I'm sure someone will post the results on one of the many...
  13. Revverress

    2013 ARBA Convention

    Couldn't find a previous thread on here, so I figured it's about time to make a 2013 Convention post! For those who don't know, the ARBA Convention is in Harrisburg, PA this year. Who all is planning on going? What breeds are you showing? Any of our non-show folks planning on just stopping by...
  14. Revverress

    Breeder Head Count

    Name: Holly M. Tristar Rabbits Previously raised English Lops; now focusing on Tans in black and chocolate and hoping to get back into the ELops in the distant future. Wins: With my Englishes, the win that sticks out to me the most was when my little junior doe took BOSV at a huge specialty...
  15. Revverress

    To scruff or not to scruff???

    From a breeder/show standpoint, continuous scruffing over time will cause loss of condition to the rabbit, as well as damage the coat. I cringe every time I see a breed "suitcase" their rabbit out of its carrier at a show, and wonder if they know what kind of damage they're doing to their show...
  16. Revverress

    Hip Dysplasia

    So sorry you and Toby are having to go through this. My 5 year old English Lop also has hip dysplasia, though she is not having near the trouble your poor bun seems to be having. The metacam he's on is for pain relief; if it doesn't seem to be helping, I would probably recheck with the vet for...
  17. Revverress

    Inducing labor in Holland Lop?

    I've always used Tums as a hypocalcimia preventative, too, and have never noticed a difference in kindling time (I give a Tum the first few days before, on, and a few days after the kindling date). Chances are, breeders are giving the Tums when the doe is due, so of course it's more likely that...
  18. Revverress

    Inducing labor in Holland Lop?

    Contrary to popular belief, Tums will not induce labor (confirmed this with my rabbit-savvy veterinarian). Supposedly, parsley can cause uterine contractions and lavender can induce labor, though I know of no scientific studies that back these claims up. Probably the best non-medical thing you...
  19. Revverress

    New Elop litter pics- Beware of the cute!!!

    Love love LOVE these little cuties. Makes me miss having ELops babies around. Don't stress too much about who's your keeper just yet; at this age, you're best to just enjoy the cuteness. :) Thanks for sharing!
  20. Revverress

    English Lop for Pet?

    I wonder if they are kept on solid housing and are just messy... You gotta remember that white rabbits' fur does get more easily urine stained than darker rabbits. I'm guessing that's the buck by the size of his head, and if that's the case, it may be that he's just a messy bunny who sprays...