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  1. Niomi

    Nails nearly impossible to clip!

    This is a popular topic. If you need more help, in the upper right hand corner of this page, type in "nails" in the search, and you will find more posts and suggestions along with videos on taking care of nails.
  2. Niomi

    Deaf rabbit?

    I can't seem to manage putting a link up, but you can find many rabbit training videos on YouTube. Most of these videos will tell you to use a clicker, but you don't really need one. Rabbits will work for treats without a clicker. Good luck.
  3. Niomi

    Deaf rabbit?

    My rabbits are not deaf, but I have target trained them. That is a type of training that I think would work well for deaf rabbits. I have a long stick that I attached a small rubber ball to the end. To get my rabbit's attention, I can just bang the ball end on the floor. Rabbits should be able...
  4. Niomi

    12yo buns w/ tooth/jaw abscess

    Preitier, thank you for adding what I missed. Very cute rabbit.
  5. Niomi

    Dutchess overgrown molars

    I had a rabbit that I believed had dental problems, but the vet wouldn't believe me. I finally took my rabbit to another vet, and my rabbit did have spurs on his molars. If I want to feed softened pellet through a syringe, I have found pellets are too rough to go through a syringe. Softened...
  6. Niomi

    ID my rabbit’s breed!!

    She is beautiful!
  7. Niomi

    Bunny bald patch? Irritated please help!!

    My rabbit's problem comes and goes. It is the worst during molting. Other times I might find a small bald spot a little smaller than a dime, or little bumps which appear to be matted fur. I haven't taken her back to the dermatologist because her problem is manageable.
  8. Niomi

    12yo buns w/ tooth/jaw abscess

    I had a rabbit with teeth problems and my vet referred me to a vet in St. Paul, Dr. Andrew Bean. He works at Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota. He also has a place in Oakdale. I talked to someone who had taken a pet to see him, and I was told that he was very good, but also very...
  9. Niomi

    What to do in winter

    Straw for rabbits is warmer than blankets. Rabbits still need hay to eat, but straw makes good bedding. Rabbits can take cold better than heat. If your rabbit's water freezes, then you will need to provide water several times a day. Rabbits need proper shelter. They need to be sheltered from the...
  10. Niomi

    Rabbit with extremely bad infection- advice (RIP)

    So sorry about your rabbit. Years ago I had a similar experience with a rabbit that came from a sad situation. The vet said he had an eye infection. The antibiotic did nothing, so the vet tried different antibiotics. Those antibiotics did nothing. By the time the weekend came, he was in bad...
  11. Niomi

    RHVD2 Experiences

    Two domestic rabbits died in Minnesota from the virus. These were the first rabbits in MN to get the virus. The rabbits had not been outside or around other rabbits. We were told that the rabbits got a new source of hay, and the hay could have been contaminated. The other way the rabbits could...
  12. Niomi

    Update on Freya: I'm done arguing with her about it!

    I had a rabbit that didn't eat hay. I would always put some in his litter box, just in case he would change his mind. Eventually he did eat hay, but it took years. Hay is important for dental health. Chewing hay wears down their teeth and helps keep them the proper length. My rabbit had problems...
  13. Niomi

    Is this the end of the road for my bunny?

    So sorry about your rabbit. She is so cute! If she were my first rabbit I would want to do everything I could to save her life. But after dealing with rabbits and their teeth problems, I think differently. Teeth problems are often chronic, and expensive to treat. It is almost impossible to...
  14. Niomi

    Update on Herbie who died after (not from) vaccine.

    Vaccine complications are rare. Ask your vet about getting the vaccine if your rabbit has a preexisting condition. I took Herbie to a clinic where they were doing a study on the vaccine. That is why I contacted them when my Herbie died. Herbie was not diagnosed with Thymoma when he was given...
  15. Niomi

    RHDV2 Vaccine

    My rabbit died two weeks after getting the vaccine. I called the clinic, and the clinic paid for a necropcy to be done on my rabbit. I got the call from the vet today. My rabbit died from Thymoma, a cancer and it is unrelated to the vaccine.
  16. Niomi

    I'm going to have Herr Hase euthanised, and I'm struggling with that.

    Preitler, Losing a pet is never easy. I have kept some rabbits around too long because the vet believed that as long as a rabbit was eating, he had some quality of life. I now know that isn't true. My rabbit that just died ate up until he died and I am sure he did it out of instinct. God bless...
  17. Niomi

    Update on Herbie who died after (not from) vaccine.

    So sorry for your loss.
  18. Niomi

    Update on Herbie who died after (not from) vaccine.

    Herbie was given the RHDV2 vaccine on October 31st and died two weeks later. I just received results from his necropcy, and Herbie died from a cancerous tumor, a condition called Thymoma. Herbie was checked out by his vet a couple of months before, and had a good health report. Because of the...
  19. Niomi

    Bulging Cloudy Eye

    I hope you can find a vet that can diagnose and treat your rabbit. Good Luck.
  20. Niomi

    Rabbit producing too many cecotropes, should I be worried?

    Yes, I was told that the lab results could take several weeks, so I am still waiting.