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  1. pani

    How far away the vet should be?

    My regular vet is about 40 minutes away - it's an exotic specific vet. They're not available 24/7, however the practice they work out of does have emergency after-hours services, so in an emergency they can receive care and be seen by an exotics vet in the morning. I used to see one with a...
  2. pani

    Grumpy Bun hates me

    If she's not spayed, she may be frustrated, and that could cause her grumpiness. That being said, some buns are just plain grumps. I've had my Clementine for 4 years, since she was 8 weeks old, and apart from when she was teeny tiny she's always been a bit of a grump. She's gotten a little more...
  3. pani

    Bald patch behind ears - new rabbit mommy here!

    If she tested negative for mites and infection, I wouldn't be too worried. The bald patch is probably just a combination of how the oil parts her fur and repeated scratching to the area. Just to be sure, do you have a photo?
  4. pani

    Mature bun post-spay care

    Hello, just wanted to post an update. Deli returned to her normal self a couple of days post-spay. We continued to syringe feed her critical care for a little while, and she started to eat more kale and hay after that. She is happily bouncing around the house again and some of her more...
  5. pani

    Mature bun post-spay care

    I don't have a scale (?!) but I'll call the vet tomorrow and find out what she weighs, and check if her dosage can be upped. Thank you for your help, JBun. It looks like we're going to monitor her for the night and re-assess in the morning. I've got first shift checking on her every so often...
  6. pani

    Mature bun post-spay care

    She had her 0.75mL of Meloxicam/Metacam a few hours ago now but she seems like she's in quite a bit of pain still. Is there anything else I could do to help with pain relief? I feel so bad, Clementine bounced back so quickly after her spay, that I feel entirely unprepared for trying to help...
  7. pani

    Mature bun post-spay care

    Just saw this bit. We moved a heater to outside of the pen sectioning off her part of the house to help warm her up a little bit. When doing this curiosity got the better of her and she took some careful steps around the room to have a little peek.
  8. pani

    Mature bun post-spay care

    She's got a few of her favourites around her - kale, cilantro, bok choy. She had a teensy nibble on the kale but otherwise showing no interest in her greens. Thank you, I'll keep an eye on this.
  9. pani

    Mature bun post-spay care

    Hello, We got Delilah spayed today and she returned home around 4pm. We're not entirely sure of her age, but our vets guessed she's at least 2-3 years old, if not older, so she is older than the ideal age to be spayed. Since returning home, she's sat very still near her litter box. She drank...
  10. pani

    Bunny bounded with cat.

    That's so cute! I can't even get one of my buns to bond with the other two, let alone a different species. :P Just a quick note, that's an awful lot of strawberries for one little bun! Strawberries should be treated like special little treats; a thumbnail sized piece is a good indicator.
  11. pani

    Oldest Bunny we have had!

    Happy birthday Bambi!!
  12. pani

    Natasha Rabbitova's 2017 Blog

    Cute bed, Natasha! Felix and Clem had one, but they ended up destroying it! Hopefully you treat gifts from your dad a bit nicer!
  13. pani

    Eating her droppings

    Hehe yeah, if we see her doing it and then trying to give us kisses we're like "not with your poopy mouth girl!" :shame My other theory is she knows she's done one outside the box so she tries to destroy the evidence...
  14. pani

    Eating her droppings

    Hi guys, Not really a concern, more that we're just curious. For a while now we've noticed that Delilah occasionally nibbles the poops that she leaves on the floor - she is litter trained and the are just the occasional few that get scattered underfoot (we assume it's marking behaviour that...
  15. pani

    Sargent peppers story

    Yes, we'd love to see him!
  16. pani

    Well it looks like it's time for Trix to go bye bye..

    Sorry to hear about Trix - at least you can take solace in knowing he's pain-free now. I'm glad to hear that Rosemary has a clean bill of health, too.
  17. pani

    Sores and fur loss help

    First things first, if you're not sure of the genders of both buns, you need to have them separated, or they WILL breed. I don't know what the sores could be from, however they look quite painful for the poor bun, and she really needs to see a vet. What do you mean, your dad won't let you take...
  18. pani

    Tiny patch on nose, red/weepy eye

    I've been Googling myxomatosis (it's heartbreaking :( ) and I'll be on high alert for any further symptoms. That patch on her nose is absolutely tiny, and I've not been able to find any similar pictures, all other myxomatosis nodules seem to be red/black and larger.
  19. pani

    Tiny patch on nose, red/weepy eye

    We do have it here, yes - would it just effect one eye? Her other eye is perfectly fine. Thank you for your responses everyone. As long as she stays in her current state, I think we'll take her to the vet in a few days time (as I've got work the next 3 days). If she worsens at all, we'll...