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  1. OakRidgeRabbits

    Holland Color

    Looks like a chocolate-based tort, which is not a recognized color and cannot be shown.
  2. OakRidgeRabbits

    Selecting a show rabbit... judge this pair?

    Based on the pictures provided, and the fact that the breeder is already offering kits for sale before they are even born, my guess is that this isn't the best resource for a show rabbit. Serious exhibitors select rabbits to sell after they are born, several months matured, and the breeder can...
  3. OakRidgeRabbits

    What color is my mini rex?

    They are chinchilla. However, I would reconsider buying a rabbit from a breeder who is not knowledgeable about the breed they're raising...
  4. OakRidgeRabbits

    Picking up while on the ground but nowhere else?

    Pick him up. :) You are in charge!
  5. OakRidgeRabbits

    She WILL NOT be picked up

    This may come off snarky, but I don't mean it that way. However, any time I hear concerns like this, it goes about the same way..."she doesn't like to be handled" or "she won't let me pick her up." The first rule of animal ownership is that the animal is not in charge! Pick her up. She doesn't...
  6. OakRidgeRabbits

    What can I do.

    One of my first pet rabbits was a mixed breed something-or-other from a pet store. She lived to be 10 but had advanced arthritis for several of those last years. In her case, her front feet actually turned in, so she had trouble moving at all and wire was more difficult because of her nails...
  7. OakRidgeRabbits

    What color kits might I get?

    Black and black tort are most likely. There are possibilities of other colors if your rabbits carry obscure recessives, but in Holland Lops that doesn't happen often.
  8. OakRidgeRabbits

    SIAP, but how young can a bunny biologically/POSSIBLY get pregnant? I have heard diff

    I separate litters as soon as (or before) I see this behavior. The chasing/mounting can also be strictly territorial/dominance behavior, but even so, that can cause fights between rabbits of the same or opposite gender. Intact rabbits should be housed separately after they're weaned.
  9. OakRidgeRabbits

    how tall is your x-pen?

    Mine is 24" high, and I haven't had any rabbits escape it (or try to). I raise and show, so I have had dozens of rabbits since buying the pen, and they're all content to stay inside. :)
  10. OakRidgeRabbits

    Netherland Dwarf colouring!

    It sounds like you have some of the color terms confused. Black otter is a color, just like fawn and tortoise. Your rabbit is not black otter. She is tort otter (also referred to as "fox"). This is not a recognized color in Netherland Dwarfs, so she is not showable at ARBA shows. Broken...
  11. OakRidgeRabbits

    Flemish/Holland Lop/Dwarf babies

    They will probably just look like standard rabbits. Rabbits don't really hold their breed features well once you start mixing them. For example, if you breed two dogs, the babies often have characteristics of both. Rabbits' breed-specific characteristics don't seem to hold more than a generation...
  12. OakRidgeRabbits

    Cage Anxiety?

    It is unlikely that her chewing on the bars is related to fear or anxiety. Rabbits like and prefer small spaces. They're prey animals and are most comfortable when they're not "out in the open." Usually rabbits just chew to wear their teeth down, which grow constantly. I have a few that like to...
  13. OakRidgeRabbits

    Will a cardboard box work?

    It is best to use a metal or wooden nest box, which you can find for sale online or make your own (wooden). These are nice and heavy so that the doe can't accidentally (or on purpose) flip the box, tear it apart, etc. I would hesitant to use a cardboard box, especially if this is the doe's...
  14. OakRidgeRabbits

    Few questions about bunny without tail

    It is not uncommon for does to overgroom their kits, which sometimes results in missing or partial ears, missing tails, etc. It likely happened at birth, and I suspect she'll be just fine. :)
  15. OakRidgeRabbits

    Orange colored rabbits

    There are a lot of factors that affect color. For instance, for every intense color (orange), there is a dilute version (cream or fawn) that is the same thing, but lighter. Also, color intensity is affected by what are called "modifiers." This is something that has to be bred for, and they...
  16. OakRidgeRabbits

    A gentle warning - Don't breed sister and brothers

    I'm sorry to hear of your losses. As others have said, it's difficult to determine the cause of the problems. Genetics are not as straightforward as they may seem. It is unlikely for an entire litter to suffer from the same obscure genetic issue, whether the parents are related or not. This...
  17. OakRidgeRabbits

    What colour is she?

    Frosty. :)
  18. OakRidgeRabbits

    My rabbits ears

    Some rabbits' ear fur thins out during a molt; some don't. There is also a genetic factor there. Many breed standards call for thick, well-furred ears. With pet bunnies from unknown backgrounds, it's difficult to know whether they came from a knowledgeable breeder.
  19. OakRidgeRabbits

    For breeder, ethic question abouts sale

    Just a reminder that we're not permitted to discuss terminal culling on this forum. However, my advice to you would be to research that option outside of this website. I understand why people feel so strongly about not using that option. Their first thought is often that terminal culling is...
  20. OakRidgeRabbits

    Confused Buck

    It's normal for the buck to mount the doe's head, or mount her from behind, but further up the back. He will typically do this when the doe is not lifting on her own. His little "dance" back and forth around different parts of her body is an attempt to get her in the mood. If you watch a more...