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  1. Azerane

    Overgrown Incisors, please help!

    As I'm sure you know, there is nothing to be done without seeing a vet. A vet can trim the teeth down so that they line up again, or worst case scenario failing this can organise for the teeth to be removed completely. Usually trimming is done first to see how things go, but the teeth absolutely...
  2. Azerane

    Any lists makers to track thier rabbits daily? Couple ?s

    The only thing that I write down to keep track of is weekly weight checks. I make sure they're eating enough just by watching them and mentally keep track of that from day to day.
  3. Azerane

    Fresh hay or Brand hay

    I buy fresh hay from a feed store by the bale. Buying brand hay is not only way too expensive, but unless I was to buy the even more expensive imported brands the quality of bagged hay here isn't great either. For me buying a bale is much more economical, and not even by a small amount.
  4. Azerane

    What breed am I?

    I don't know, but he is certainly very cute :)
  5. Azerane

    Question about wood stove pellets

    Hey Stevesmum, just thought I'd answer your other questions as well. Yes they are compostable, and yes some bunnies may nibble them. When I first started Bandit on wood pellets he tried about 3, just nibbling on them and eating a little. But after trying those few he never ate them again. Then...
  6. Azerane

    Do you have a pet rabbit?

    I have a bonded pair who I adopted almost 8 months ago now. Bandit (in my avatar) passed away 7 months prior in Jan 2016.
  7. Azerane


    Hopefully it gets resolved with the medication.
  8. Azerane

    New to bunnies

    It's good that he's doing well, he'll probably bulk up under your care on a correct diet. Providing you do frequently replenish the hay is should be ok. I provide a large pile 3 times a day, a little of it gets wasted, but most of it gets eaten and I always top it up before it runs out...
  9. Azerane


    I was going to suggest that perhaps he's rubbed the fur off while chinning objects etc to mark them, but it's more down onto the throat than directly under the chin. It is unusual and I'd definitely recommend a vet visit as well. It does look quite unusual.
  10. Azerane

    New to Bunnies!

    I'm also an indoor bunny owner, but I'll answer your questions to the best I can regarding outdoor buns. 1. What is a good cage size for indoors? Temporarly until its warm enough to set up a huge dog run im converting to a hutch. Inside, bigger is better. A sturdy puppy play pen works well...
  11. Azerane

    2017 Cages You've Made

    Here's my cage, it hasn't changed since I built it for Bandit, I bought extra grids ages ago to make the second level taller, just haven't done it yet. And now there is a playpen attached to the front, whereas Bandit had almost whole-house access.
  12. Azerane

    Fostering a 4 month old Lionhead - I need refreshers on young bunnies!!!

    Any sort of grass hay is fine to feed, orchard, timothy, oat, meadow etc. All are perfectly fine, though I would probably avoid oat with a lionhead because I imagine the larger seed heads would very easily get tangled in that fur! It's generally recommended that unlimited pellets can be fed up...
  13. Azerane

    New to bunnies

    Regarding his cage set up, he is going to need much more hay than what you have in there. Most rabbits should eat a pile at least the size of their body every day. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but their food should be roughly 80% hay, 15% leafy greens, 5% pellets and treats. Have you put...
  14. Azerane

    New to bunnies

    Hi there and welcome to the wonderfully challenging world of bunny ownership :D Rabbits and bunnies are the same thing. Bunny is just the cute name for them :D Chances are your bunny will very quickly outgrow it's cage. They need a lot of space in their cage, and also access to an area they can...
  15. Azerane

    Beyond confused, help!

    I agree that manufactured cages really aren't suitable for rabbits. Most are either too short in height, or length, or both. Something that some people use indoors but takes up a lot of space is a timber outdoor chicken coop and run. Just as an example...
  16. Azerane


    You can set humane live traps around their cage area to at least try and keep them away from there. But otherwise I don't see that they're really posing a threat to your bunnies at all. If you're going away, any sort of repellent should be ok to use in that time. Traps aren't really suitable if...
  17. Azerane

    New Kits

    Firstly, remove the male if you have not done so already. At this stage you will just need to keep all three does together still if they are still getting along until you can figure out which is the mother. Give them a nest box too and put some hay in it and transfer the kits into it to keep...
  18. Azerane

    What Breed is My Bun?...

    Although the magpie harlequin colour is present in many breeds, it's possible that your bunny is a Harlequin breed or a mix of. Harlequins weigh from 2-3kg so there's a chance he's pure Harlequin.
  19. Azerane

    Rabbit Fiction

    ^The book is amazing, you should give it a go :)
  20. Azerane

    Rabbit Fiction

    In addition to that list, there's also a book called Frost Dancers by Garry Kilworth. Watership Down is my favourite book of all time :)