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    Thinking about a new bunny

    Scott insists that we have to get Skittles spayed first, which is true. She's been a spray monster lately and bringing another bun in the house won't make it any better. Normally I make decisions like this based 80% one motion and 20% on practicality. He's asked me to go more 50/50 this time...
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    O/T: Flu

    I spoke too soon and jinxed myself!:( Man, am I sick today! And I came to work to get two jacketsout today. I'm sitting at my desk with my coat and scarf onand I'm freezing! It's usually way too hot in here and Ican't get warm. I have the chills so bad and I am so achy -all I want to do is go...
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    Thinking about a new bunny

    That's funny, Laura! Why are some men such closet bunny-cuddlers? I just went on the HRS website of bunnies up for adoption and guess what - they have a bunny that looks EXACTLY like Poco! And her name is Ginger (Scott's sister's rabbit's name). She's in Albany, which is not that far from me...
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    Need Home For Me & Rabbits! (Northampton Massachusetts)

    Wow, Pam!:shock: I pay almost 4X that to rent a 1 bedroom apartment here!
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    Separation Anxiety

    I can't blame you - she's precious!
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    O/T: Flu

    Fortunately I haven't been sick yet, but almosteveryone in my department has. Of course I stocked up on"Airborne" before the cold weather got here. I just drinksome when I've been hanging around sick people and so far so good. :)
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    Separation Anxiety

    Carolyn wrote: Yeah, Lissa! What are you thinking, going out to work and grocery shop and stuff? I know how you feel - I get the same forlorn look from Hef when Ileave. Skittles, on the other hand, is usually too busyeating to care. But boy are they both excited when I comehome!:)
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    Meet my newest baby :)

    OMG she is SOOOOOO CUTE!!
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    Thinking about a new bunny

    Spring wrote: Every time Scott sees one he makes some comment about attaching a long handle to mop the floor. :X (Not that he actually would -he's a big mush when it comes to the bunnies.)
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    Need transport from Pa to Va (dajeti2) -success

    Angel, my heart is breaking reading this sad news! I am so sorry for you. I hope you are able to work everything out. Michael is such a sweetie and you're doing the right thing finding him a good home.:)
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    Move or send Mr. Lola to a nice home

    Tisha wrote: I would do the same thing! My buns and I are a package deal.:bunnydance::bunnydance:
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    Thinking about a new bunny

    I would love to get an angora, a jersey wooly and an AFL and just start my own business spinning all day.:) A few alpacas would be nice, too. And a romney lamb. I haven't tried spinning the Yak fibers that I bought last week, so I'm not sure yet if I want one of those, too!:D
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    Rabbits 'humping' random objects

    I've never touched the slippers afterward either, Nosetwitch, but I've seen wet spots. :X I just spot clean them with a soapy wet rag.
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    Thinking about a new bunny

    Thanks, Pam! I would LOVE to get a jersey wooly because I've recently started spinning and also because of Lissa's great stories about Lenci, but Scott is totally not keen on all the hair!:( Those other breeds are great suggestions, though. Especially the Polish , knowing what a little doll...
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    Thinking about a new bunny

    I'm thinking about getting another bunny. I need to stick with the small breeds, due to limited space at my house. And I would like to get a doe.I'd like to know if anyone has any of the following and can give me some insight on their personality, behavior, etc. I've reading and seen some at...
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    Christmas Rainbow Bridge

    Thank you so much for remembering Jellybean! We also lost Godzilla over the summer. And most recently, Poco. I miss you all, little ones! :tears2:
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    Rabbits 'humping' random objects

    One of my nicknames for Hef is "Humpy McHumperson".:D I walked into the bedroom on Christmas eve to find Hef with his armswrapped around one of my stuffed bunnies. He looked up at melike "Oops! I'm busted!" and then proceeded to givethe stuffed bunny a good rodgering...about five times in...
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    OT: Personal Accomplishment

    Congratulations! That is soawesome! What a great accomplishment for you! I'msure you'll have no problem being accepted to a PhD program. It's great to get good news - especially right before the holidays! :bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance:
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    How long per day do you guys have your buns out?

    Hef - about 1-2 hours Skittles - until she pees on the rug :X
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    Abcess in foot-

    Great news! :)