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  1. GorbyJobRabbits

    Zenia, OH Oct 2nd rabbit show

    I wish. but need to discuss that fuzz.
  2. GorbyJobRabbits

    your veiws on colonies

    bunnychild wrote: Just because they raise meat doesn't mean they care any less and don't want all of the contact many of us listed above. I raise for just that and mine are still seperated for all of my listed reasons. Anyone breeding for meat wants extremely fast growing buns. It's just...
  3. GorbyJobRabbits

    your veiws on colonies

    And my biggest concern is wild rabbits.... My rabbits catching a disease from them is one thing.... but I've seen what pasturella does to a state, worked out in wyo, NO rabbits anywhere, because it went through and had wiped them out.... Though there is still a chance for a wild rabbit to come...
  4. GorbyJobRabbits

    Correct Nail Color for Chestnut Agouti

    generally they're either dark, or if you get a white one creep in its very noticable. Later this afternoon if I can get a pic, I'll show you an improper one sneaking in.
  5. GorbyJobRabbits

    Does this happen to or bother anyone else?

    This is going to get me flammed, but it works both ways. And people probably say it to you because you get hyped up about it. I've a friend with pet rabbits, and a group of us would play truth or dare on line. Stupid, but at the time was fun. And any time I would get Joy, I would always ask her...
  6. GorbyJobRabbits

    fur care

    Depends on breed. My short hairs I'll just run my hands through really fast. The hair makes me itch and thus I'm really not a fan of sitting there brushing them out. I just wnat it out FAST. and so that's what I do. And my boyfrien is a mechanic and has an air compressor with a tool that is...
  7. GorbyJobRabbits

    your veiws on colonies

    I wouldn't do it either. Even though rabbits are in close contact with my hanging cages, they get individual attention, I can immediately detect who is 'off'... whose not eating right, drinking, I can look below and i know who poos where so I can see if any of that is off. Not to mention my...
  8. GorbyJobRabbits

    I've read tons of stuff that say pregnant rabbits are mean

    I've never had a doe be mean while pregnant, but I expect certain behaviors from my rabbits, and refuse to keep a mean rabbit... most just know that people are fearful and they get by with the inapropriate behavior. So no mean does, that I Hav ehad.... doesn't mean some don't get a little...
  9. GorbyJobRabbits

    Super Excited!!!

    So I have been slowly selling out of my harlies =( That's a story for another time. But I have decided to raise Champagnes as my main breed, keep fiddling with the fuzzies and elops, and have another small side project... and thus I'm picking up a trio of BEW Beverns Sunday!!!!
  10. GorbyJobRabbits

    New Zealand Whites

    also, has a lot of breeders. Lots of people from surrounding states. when you go to the site there is breeder listings and then on the left is a forum. Its active and there are some NZ listed now =)
  11. GorbyJobRabbits

    Showing Question

    arba shows has no limit. They like your money!
  12. GorbyJobRabbits

    Some NON-furry scaley beasties (Caution to the scardey cats)

    I assume we're allowed to post a herp related site? I'm on and it's just a small herp site similar to this with lots fewer members. Hope some of you join!
  13. GorbyJobRabbits

    My fuzzy bucks

    These two have been in the house a lot and so quite a few pics. Thought I'd share some pics of the two boys. Cornbread is the Tort, and Cupcake is the Smoke Pearl. Best of buds! Life is rather rough being a rug and kitty likes to torture them lol
  14. GorbyJobRabbits

    Some NON-furry scaley beasties (Caution to the scardey cats)

    all your guys' geckos and things are super cute!
  15. GorbyJobRabbits

    Some NON-furry scaley beasties (Caution to the scardey cats)

    Rough or smooth green snakes, eat crickets. you can find them at shows now and then. They're a bit more flighty I think.
  16. GorbyJobRabbits

    Pellets: every question I can think to ask about them...

    I feed Pen Pals 18%. I'll have to look up specifics later. I love this brand, my rabbits love it, and they look fantastic on all of them. I feed unlimited pellets, and I have Fuzzy Lops, English Lops, Harlequins, flemmie and a champ. I never want to switch. Once you get rabbits in great...
  17. GorbyJobRabbits


    It would come down to the rabbit for me.... I prefer peds but at the same time I can live without if I know what I'm looking for. and after you know your lines, you can easily start picking out things at birth, 2 weeks, 4 weeks exc. I'm friends with Fuzzy Momma on here, and she's showed me...
  18. GorbyJobRabbits

    Pure or mixed ??

    Since I was told before not to discourage or throw my opinion of mixed rabbits out there... or the fact that since this is a rescue board whyyyy you would send more buns to a petshop.... I'll leave all of those negatives down. But like Peg mentioned, lots of bun diseases out there. MANY not...