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  1. Bassetluv

    Susan Slywchuk...former member

    I know this isn't an announcement about a rabbit's passing, but felt that this should be mentioned. Susan (Slywchuk), a former member of RabbitsOnline, passed away last week after a bout with cancer. I met Susan in this forum many years ago when she used to post about her bunnies (Buttercup...
  2. Bassetluv

    What do your bunnies daily veggies look like?

    It's been a few years since I've had rabbits, but when I did, their main staple was hay (always have hay available, it assists in digestion as well as wearing down those notoriously fast-growing bunny teeth), followed up with a good quality pellet. For greens, they were treated as more of a...
  3. Bassetluv

    Severe weather and bunnies

    I think Watermelons answered the question best. In the case of a tornado warning, you need to be prepared, and should have enough carriers to accommodate all of your bunnies in the event of this - or any other - event. The carriers are a temporary, but essential, need.
  4. Bassetluv

    Bonding troubles.

    I'm curious to find out what the 'trigger' is for the aggression, since it sounds like both bunnies initially got along well. You've mentioned that your male is neutered; is your female spayed? (If not, then I'd suggest that as the next step, with a few weeks' separation while she recovers.) It...
  5. Bassetluv

    How do I know if a vet is ‘rabbit savvy’?

    Not a stupid question at all. If I were you, I'd do a lot of research on the special requirements of rabbits (esp. concerning both feeding and anesthesia during surgery), create a list of facts, and then ask your vet a few questions based upon that list. Don't let on that you already are aware...
  6. Bassetluv

    Yofi, Anna and the Crew, 2010

    Well, it seems I fell off the edge of cyberspace and got lost again. I can't believe that the last time I posted here was a year and a half ago!! Where does the time go? Actually, I received a notification in my e-mail this morning (or maybe it was yesterday and I only noticed it today ;)); a...
  7. Bassetluv

    Ontario Rabbit Savvy Vets

    Updating an old recommendation: For anyone in Ottawa, if you are new to the area (or new to rabbits) and are looking for a good rabbit vet, I'd recommend Dr. Daren Auger as one of the best in the city. He is the vet I initially recommended here some time ago, but his location has moved. He now...
  8. Bassetluv

    Yofi, Anna and the Crew, 2010

    What's really odd is, it didn't seem to bother him painwise. Yof did slow down and seemed 'off', but it didn't hurt him to touch it. The vet put pressure on it with his hand and Yofi didn't even notice. You'd think with the heat it was generating, along with the redness and given the swelling...
  9. Bassetluv

    Yofi, Anna and the Crew, 2010

    I think this thread needs an update. :) And of course, what would an update in Yofi's thread be without the latest scare that he's given me? It seems The Boy relishes making me worry, bite my nails, call a family member in a panic, all because he yet again developed something that has left the...
  10. Bassetluv

    Scene at the grocery store

    I'm not sure I have any suggestions that would be different than what has already been offered, though one thing I used to tell my son whenever he would come home carrying extreme anger over someone who had riled him was this: Don't react to the person. Step aside, turn your back, or walk away...
  11. Bassetluv

    Holiday Movies

    It's a Wonderful Life A Christmas Story National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation The Christmas Toy (an old Jim Henson muppet movie, very touching) Love, Actually Serendipity The Holiday A Charlie Brown Christmas Elf...yeah, it's starting to grow on me. ;o)
  12. Bassetluv

    Do you believe in Cesar Milans ways of dog training?

    I used to be a big fan of Cesar Millan. I still do think that some of his methods are good, but tend to disagree with many of the dominance theory approaches, especially when it comes to working with an aggressive dog. For instance, my border collie Izzy developed food aggression at a very young...
  13. Bassetluv

    Wabbitdads Wabbit Herd

    Wabbitdad12 wrote: Oh, Dave, Karen, I'm so sorry to read this. One of the hardest things in life to face for an animal lover is making that decision and saying goodbye. It's one of the most selfless acts we can do, but that doesn't make it any easier. When I had Raph euthanized several years...
  14. Bassetluv

    Found a kitten! (Graphic picture)

    I just saw this thread. What awesome progress this little guy is making! BIG congrats to you for taking him in and helping him through this. It reminds me of a cat I once found many years ago...I had walked over to a neighbourhood where my sis and brother-in-law had just purchased a house, but...
  15. Bassetluv

    terrible movie.

    Oh, that movie left me with a such a feeling of sadness, there's no way I could ever watch it again. :(
  16. Bassetluv

    Wabbitdads Wabbit Herd

    Oh no...a very belated RIP to Tiny, Nibbles and Rudy. :( They were so loved and couldn't have asked for a better home. Max is stunning! He looks to have chocolate tones in his coat...and what a lovely shiny coat he has! Gorgeous boy, and I'm guessing that appetite of his is what kept him...
  17. Bassetluv

    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    SOOOSKA wrote: LOL...Susan, how DO you get your bunnies to pose so nicely whilst wearing such adorable hats and outfits? On my two those party hats would have lasted all of 10 seconds, and knowing Yofi, he would have probably tossed his right back in my face for even considering putting one...
  18. Bassetluv

    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    Now here's a perfect reason to change our national animal from the beaver to the bunny. Daisy Mae rocks! She's cuter than a beaver any day, and looks far more patriotic too (plus, I'll bet she doesn't go around knocking down maple trees ;)). hehe...I get a kick out of the shot glasses beside...
  19. Bassetluv

    Yofi, Anna and the Crew, 2010

    Marisa, thank you... :hug: