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  1. Béatrice04

    Bunny Paralysis

    He was on antibiotics and pain killers for the flystrike yes! All larvae were removed too. He still loves his veggies yes and i syringe feed him mixed pellets, baby food, probiotics (plus he eats his hay and veggies). He is unable to drink out of a water bowl so I have to provide that too...
  2. Béatrice04

    Bunny Paralysis

    Yes i got prescribed febendazole. Unfortunately where I live there is no rabbit hay available so I feed him horse hay and nobody can tell me what the hay’s named so I have no idea what it is or where it comes from. I have only recently started feeding him hay because it wasn’t available before...
  3. Béatrice04

    Bunny Paralysis

    Hello everyone, My rabbit Luna recently suffered a flystrike in our garden. I found him paralysed and his behind area was infected due to the maggots so we had to treat it. Now regarding the paralysis, he used to have Floppy Rabbit Syndrome, where he would go into shock (due to eating an entire...