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  1. Apollo’s Slave

    Staining and matting on underside

    Otis has some bad staining and matting near her tail area. Apollo has a completely clear underside so I know that it's not due to litterbox set-up as they share a litterbox. She's not overweight and our vets have seen it a few times but have always said that she should clear it up herself...
  2. Apollo’s Slave

    When to intervene? {rabbit bonding}

    I’ve had my first round of grooming today. Started by putting mashed pellets on both buns heads, Otis happily ate it and started voluntarily grooming Apollo. Apollo took a while but eventually ate the pellets off of Otis’ head, though no voluntary grooming. Forcing both buns to interact by...
  3. Apollo’s Slave

    When to intervene? {rabbit bonding}

    Thank you! I’ve moved them back to step one and also made it smaller.
  4. Apollo’s Slave

    When to intervene? {rabbit bonding}

    I’d usually rather send the bunnies off to be bonded by someone who knows what they’re doing, but that’s not in the cards for us today. I did 5 days of about 12 hours per day in a 1 by 1 xpen sort of thing. Both bunnies will just ignore each other most of the time and i’ve had no grooming or...
  5. Apollo’s Slave

    concerned or not?

    Only one of my buns have ever butt twitched (that name, lol). Your bun is really enjoying that banana
  6. Apollo’s Slave

    Help my rabbit wont eat hay!

    Try offering more than one types of hay - my rabbits are particularly fond of oat hay and orchard grass. A lot of companies also do taster boxes with multiple types and cuts nowadays. You could also try sprinkling forage or dried herbs in his hay to make hay eating more fun
  7. Apollo’s Slave

    apollo (pics)

    i haven’t posted in a while but thought i’d share some pictures of apollo that i’ve taken recently! my new bun, Otis, is doing good too and booked to be spayed next month.
  8. Apollo’s Slave

    Health problems (mobility, weight loss etc)

    I haven’t found any insurance that covers pre-existing health conditions, at least not for a decent price. And I wasn’t exactly planning on keeping them either, as I knew I couldn’t afford three rabbits, but just wanted to get them out of the school. I do believe that moving again is better for...
  9. Apollo’s Slave

    Health problems (mobility, weight loss etc)

    Do you know any approx. as to how much it could cost? Aside from that, I have begun contacting rescues. As much as I don’t want to, it does seem to be the best option for her
  10. Apollo’s Slave

    Health problems (mobility, weight loss etc)

    Thank you. We last saw a vet about a week and a half ago, and she’s dropped this weight within maybe 4 days. When we saw the vet, she weighed 2.24kg, I’m going to weigh her today to get an accurate weight loss example. We are booked in for X-rays in a few weeks (our next vet appointment) but I...
  11. Apollo’s Slave

    Health problems (mobility, weight loss etc)

    My little bun has a few health problems. She’s had health problems since I got her less than a month ago. Mostly mobility and poopy bum. The vet has given us mostly preventative treatment for now. Her back area was shaved, then we were given an orange/yellow medicine to use to clean her with and...
  12. Apollo’s Slave

    My little princess is gone 😭

    Oh wow, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you’re doing okay 💔 binky free buns 🌈
  13. Apollo’s Slave

    New to rabbits..Ike suddenly died

    Awe I’m very sorry for your loss. I hope your daughter and your other bunny (and yourself) are okay. There are so many things that can go wrong with bunnies, and they often happen quickly, seemingly without many symptoms. Where did they live? How cold was it last night? Did they have full...
  14. Apollo’s Slave

    Life of Otis and Winnie

    The girls (day 5): they already have another vet appointment as we’ve noticed quite a few more problems with them! Otis’ nails are so bad! And she also seemed to have blood in her urine :/ Winnie is doing okay, but definitely has some issues with her back or hips. they both will be spayed and...
  15. Apollo’s Slave

    Unspayed sisters humping

    Thank you so much. Great, that sounds like a plan.
  16. Apollo’s Slave

    Unspayed sisters humping

    Thank you! I’d probably have to get another pen to do that, so hopefully it’ll work out. Hoping to have their spay booked in for ASAP, as I don’t want them to be separate for long 😅
  17. Apollo’s Slave

    Unspayed sisters humping

    Thank you. Yeah, I know that it wasn’t too bad, but I’m not able to watch them as well as I would if they were indoors so would rather be safer than sorry. Is it possible to allow them to be together during the day while I’m watching them and only separate at night? I’ve only had them since...
  18. Apollo’s Slave

    Unspayed sisters humping

    Does this seem separated enough? Or should I move them to different rooms?
  19. Apollo’s Slave

    Goodbye my sweet baby boy

    Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. I hope you’re doing okay 🧡