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  1. odyssey~

    Are these herbs safe?

    Hey there, I was recently at the grocery store and I saw this herbal tea that I thought I could add to my forage mix I make. I saw a lot of mixed opinions about anise online so I was concerned about that, and I wanted to make sure that everything was safe- I know some of them are but I was...
  2. odyssey~

    Boarding Service Needed - Ontario

    No, I haven't, but a friend of mine had and said it was great!
  3. odyssey~

    Boarding Service Needed - Ontario

    There's Taz Bunny Sitting in Scarbourough, which isn't too far from Markham. Taz Bunny Sitting If you check on Kijiji, I'm pretty sure there would also be people offering services but you might want to ask them for references to see how they did for previous customers :)
  4. odyssey~

    Get to know each other game!

    video editing xD TPBM, do you think mint chocolate ice cream tastes like toothpaste?
  5. odyssey~

    Need new toys/enrichments

    Defintely make sure that your dresser and other items that you wouldn't want chewed or destroyed are bunny-proofed and out of her reach to ensure something doesn't happen when you're not home. :) You can try getting food enrichment toys, such as snuffle mats, stuffing treats inside willow...
  6. odyssey~

    hello! :)

    Welcome! I've a mixed breed rescue named Odyssey :) Pumpkin is adorable!
  7. odyssey~

    Pet nicknames

    Real name: Odyssey Nicknames: Potato, Tato, Tater, Mochi, Bunster, Roo, Potater, Bunny Girl, Bun bun, and SO many more haha
  8. odyssey~

    Suggestions for my bunnies birthday!

    Willow baskets, rings, etc from 101rabbits are amazing! For treats I prefer to feed just natural things like fruit and flower/herb forages. Maybe you can buy something like this Ultimate Organic Forage Mix Perfect Hay/greens Topper for | Etsy Canada I made a cake out of fresh fruit too...
  9. odyssey~

    merging my room with my bunnies seamlessly?

    Looks fine! I don't think you could add more without it being too crowded for room to run and such :)
  10. odyssey~

    Survey rabbit cages

    Just filled it in!
  11. odyssey~

    merging my room with my bunnies seamlessly?

    Is the 4x4 only a play area with the castle + toys? From that picture, I can't really see a litter area, hay or other things. I personally think 4x4 just for when you're not home for 2 rabbits is quite small, even for 1 rabbit I'd try to go bigger if possible since with all the necessities and...
  12. odyssey~

    Get to know each other game!

    Nope, Canada TPBM has brown hair
  13. odyssey~

    Get to know each other game!

    RHDV2 vaccine isn't available here yet as far as I know (unless it is? if someone knows if it's available in Ontario then do let me know) so no. TPBM, what's a contreversial rabbit opinion you have?
  14. odyssey~

    Open vs Closed litterbox

    I personally dislike closed litter boxes for rabbits and even cats alike. Like Blue Eyes said, they trap ammonia and can cause respiratory issues, and there's much safer alternatives to using a covered litter box. It's also harder to monitor your rabbit's poop and hay intake, as well as they...
  15. odyssey~

    Anybody else having problems with Oxbow essentials adult rabbit pellets lately

    I haven't bought a bag for over a year since I've stopped feeding pellets, but from the rest that we still have I haven't noticed clay or sand, that is quite odd. I think they use it as something to bind the pellets together. They also have a bunch of other not-so-great ingredients in there...
  16. odyssey~

    merging my room with my bunnies seamlessly?

    I'm probably gonna move Odyssey into my room at some point as well, and here are some tips I've found, maybe it can help haha. I'm also tryna go for a danish pastel aesthetic for my room too! If you're removing the xpen and the petstore cage entirely here are some ideas <3 - Use side tables! I...
  17. odyssey~

    Rabbit Website?

    definitely include diet there as well!
  18. odyssey~

    Get to know each other game!

    Dystopian TPBM how old were you when you got your first pet?
  19. odyssey~

    Owner of 2 mini rabbits in need of Help!

    Bonding can be a long process for rabbits depending on the pair and should always be done after a lot of research :) I'm unsure on their genders but spaying/neuturing generally helps bring down hormone levels and makes the bond go smoothly. Since you mentioned weebly was blocked, I'll leave a...
  20. odyssey~

    Nails nearly impossible to clip!

    I struggle with this as well, and I've a few tips that may help! Firstly, something you could do is to bring them to an area that is more unfamiliar for them so they would be less likely to run and explore. I try to do this in a small room like the spare bathroom or laundry room and it helps to...