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  1. qtipthebun

    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    I like that idea... Mine just took over the walk in closet as their home base, although they are free roaming. Let me know if you figure out the lax litter box thing... Going through it with my two as well.
  2. qtipthebun


    No, it's not fabric... It's the carpet in a bunch of places, but often right up against the baseboards. I wouldn't find it odd except that they've never done it before and we have lived in this same place for a year.
  3. qtipthebun


    My two, especially Qtip, have been obsessively licking the carpet recently, especially around baseboards. I know house bunnies don't need salt wheels but could the licking be a sign of that? Nothing has changed in the house, but the licking is new.
  4. qtipthebun


    Qtip, my 3 year old mini rex has been sneezing a bit in the past few days. There's no discharge and she is acting like herself. Alfie, her husbun, is not sneezy. Pollen has been super high here recently...could this be an allergy thing?
  5. qtipthebun

    the rabbit and the cat are friends?

    It sounds like theyre playing together! I would keep an eye on them for sure when they're together, but it sounds like they've got the makings of a friendship going on!
  6. qtipthebun

    Natasha Rabbitova's 2014 Blog

    Aw! I adore Natasha!!
  7. qtipthebun

    Hair in poop

    Yea he is eating and drinking tons, as always. Just didn't know if there was anything I could give him.
  8. qtipthebun

    Hair in poop

    Yup, he eats a ridiculous amount of hay, and I zoom groom him whenever I can catch him!!
  9. qtipthebun

    Hair in poop

    Hey guys, In the past day or two, I've noticed a few of alfies poops have hair in them. He is eating fine, pooping fine, and very active so I'm not terribly worried but is there anything I can give him? He gets two or three oxbow papaya tablets a day.
  10. qtipthebun

    Crazy for Californians

    Alfie wanted some pictures up!
  11. qtipthebun

    Any Bunny Instagrams out there?

    Ladybinkertons....its mostly bunnies
  12. qtipthebun

    Alfie and the litterbox laxness

    Well he is fairly newly adopted, so it might be a dominance thing with tippy. I clean with vinegar and ill buy a puppy pad tomorrow but yea, maybe a vet visit soon is in order....
  13. qtipthebun

    Alfie and the litterbox laxness

    Mr. Alf has taken to peeing a little bit on the carpet outside the box. He only does it right next to it, never in another room. Any idea how to curb a suddenly pee happy bun? He's real good most of the time but its happened like three times in a week. He's a neuteted, bonded, 3ish year old...
  14. qtipthebun

    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    I make smoothies too, often green ones (spinach!!) Best way to win bunny cuddles!
  15. qtipthebun

    Vets in DFW area

    Real good vet in Plano, too. Elizabeth Rogers. Has bunnies, is very good with them.
  16. qtipthebun

    Re-growing Lettuce

    I've tried lettuce and celery. They grew fine but the part in the water got gross and moldy. Green onions, on the other hand (for human consumption only), regrow like a dream!
  17. qtipthebun

    Qtip seems off

    Unfortunately in the US, people think artificial sweetener is better for people than real sugar....I haven't found any without it either. We live in a really crunchy granola area and I couldn't even find one here!
  18. qtipthebun

    Qtip seems off

    Ms. Bug is just fine this morning. There were tons of poops and I'm pretty sure a bunch were hers. She's eating like a monster and is back to her sassy self. Thanks for the help, everyone!
  19. qtipthebun

    Qtip seems off

    Thanks. Got her to eat a bite of kale and a little piece of arugala. Pellet slurry was licked at when mixed with a tiny piece of pineapple (alfie gladly ate the rejected papaya!) 2 ml berry flavored simithicone were force fed....until she realized it actually tasted good. Might just be me but...
  20. qtipthebun

    Qtip seems off

    Edit, she just ate kale. Five little poops. If I can convert cc to ml will prob give her a dose.