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  1. Mehidk

    Is my bunny revengeful?...

    I personally think it is. She never does it until it's nail clipping day. She used me as a toilet as well and that never happens on any other occasion. Otherwise, she's very litter trained.
  2. Mehidk

    Is my bunny revengeful?...

    What did you expect after pissing off a rabbit? 🤣 My rabbit is revengeful. The first few times I clipped her nails, she would manage to hop on the bed and pee/poop on it whenever I walked out of the room. She's even peed on me before to show me how disapproving she was. I've learned my lesson...
  3. Mehidk

    pee odor

    I hold my breath for the first few seconds when I dump the litter. Just another day of a rabbit owner lol.
  4. Mehidk

    A new pet ... cat!

    She is absolutely beautiful!
  5. Mehidk

    pee odor

    Pee does smell and maybe it's just me, but it's not horrible. When you leave it for days and when you dump it, you'll definitely get a whiff of the smell, but it doesn't linger. Also, it can also depend on their diet too (like us, when we eat asparagus and the urine smells strong). It also helps...
  6. Mehidk

    Digestive supplements

    I use the Sherwood tablets and they are great! I also use the Urinary support ones as well. My rabbit loves these tablets. Half a tablet twice a day.
  7. Mehidk

    Neighbor's rabbit is hurt and in very bad condition, How to help ?

    Thank goodness you stepped in! Sophie deserves a better life and you just gave her that chance to have one. I really wish parents would stop assuming a child would take full responsibility of any pet. This little girl is 6!! She’s too young and the mother should have researched more about...
  8. Mehidk

    Any good tips on how to distract your mind

    Right now I’m watching Spongebob 😂. I cannot sleep unless the tv is playing in the background. Silence bothers me at night and makes me paranoid.
  9. Mehidk


    Welcome to the forums!! He’s so handsome!!
  10. Mehidk

    are rabbits scared of smoke?

    My rabbit has been on edge since the fires have been happening here in California. I've been keeping her at ease with some relaxing music on my Google Mini. It plays all day and I keep the windows closed.
  11. Mehidk


    Absolutely. Think about it as if you're piercing your ears or even a tattoo. If you do it yourself, you run the risk of an infection if something goes wrong (wrong placement, not sterilizing things properly, etc). In your case of your rabbit, you would end up having to go to the vet anyways and...
  12. Mehidk


    It is best to get it done by a vet.
  13. Mehidk

    If looks could kale.....

    Cilantro can be fed daily so it’s ok! Try arugula? I feed that daily to my rabbit too. I also give fennel (sweet anise) which my rabbit loves nibbling on because it’s crunchy.
  14. Mehidk

    Is the Sherwood Pet Rabbit Emergency Kit with Timothy Recovery Food good?

    I’ve never purchased a kit before but I do love the Sherwood brand over others. I use the digestive tablets and urinary support tablets from Sherwood with my rabbit and she also loves them. I might look into this kit as well! I have critical care on hand but it’s going to expire soon because...
  15. Mehidk

    Thought I’d share some funny pics of Remy because why not?

    I absolutely adore Remy!!! He’s soooooo plushy, I love it!
  16. Mehidk

    Soft poops

    Are you slowly reintroducing? If not, that could be why. Her stomach is not adjusting quick enough. Sometimes new introductions or re-introductions can take 2 weeks. The only time you should ever bathe a rabbit is if it’s absolutely necessary. It would stress a rabbit out and they get sick. A...
  17. Mehidk

    Rehoming family friendly large male in RI

    That’s wonderful that he was stretched out! That’s a good sign. You know, it also helps to play music/TV to drown out sounds from outside. At night, there’s always strange noises because of the wildlife and it can spook your little guy so the music/tv is a distraction for them. This year was...
  18. Mehidk

    Rehoming family friendly large male in RI

    Oh my girl is a vocal one! She will grunt when she’s not happy, impatient, she’ll oink when she’s super happy. She makes all sorts of noises, it’s really funny. Whenever I come home from work, I always greet her with a high pitch “hi trixie” to show how excited I am to see her and she’ll start...
  19. Mehidk

    Rehoming family friendly large male in RI

    You’re welcome! I think as long as it “sounds” like people are around, your little guy should be okay. I had worried about my girl being lonely but she’s doing fine and dandy!