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  1. elrohwen

    Can you use rabbit litter in the garden?

    It's wonderful for plants! Unlike other manures, which are considered "hot" and must be composted before adding to soil, bunny poo is not and can be added right away or composted - your choice. I tend to take a few poos and push them into the soil of my house plants, while also composting the...
  2. elrohwen

    Litter training

    My rabbits have been to a number of houses (friends for pet sitting, our parents during holidays) and remain perfectly litter trained in the new situations. They've been using a litter box long enough to understand that it applies in new situations. I just travel with an xpen, not their entire...
  3. elrohwen

    avoids hardwood floors at all costs

    I have two - one who doesn't mind the hardwood and the other who avoids is like it's lava. Hannah doesn't mind it and has no problem crossing rooms with hardwood, though she prefers the traction of the carpet for running around. Otto hates the hardwood with a passion and will only step over...
  4. elrohwen

    Piper is uh.. abusing her home? haha.

    Maybe she just likes pushing it? My rabbits like to sleep so they're touching something, whether it's a box or another toy - it wouldn't be unusual for them to push aside a box and sleep behind it. Rabbits are definitely redecorators and love to move their things around.
  5. elrohwen

    What kind of bun do I have?

    Adorable! I'm going to go against the grain and say holland lop - or at least a mix. The ears seem to stick out to the side a bit and the face just reminds me of a holland face.
  6. elrohwen

    Cuddle bunny?

    I think it's much more based on individual bun than breed - rabbits aren't generally bred for a specific personality (the way different dog breeds are, for example) so they tend to only have very generic behavior traits in common. I have a mini lop girl who loves affection and pets, but is not...
  7. elrohwen

    Does anyone clicker train?

    I've done it with one of my rabbits with a fair amount of success. He gets nervous when he doesn't know what I want and just doing voice commands wasn't cutting it. The clicker really broke through his learning barrier and he was able to pick things up much more quickly and without any...
  8. elrohwen

    Where should I go from here?

    I agree with the others that the majority of rabbits just don't like to be picked up and will never enjoy it, so no point in trying to force it on them. The flattening when you pet him is a good thing! I think one poster commented that he's afraid of you picking him up, but in my experience...
  9. elrohwen

    Moulting! Help!

    There's really not much you can do other than clean up the furry tumbleweeds and keep brushing them until it's over. If he'll put up the vacuum attachment that might help. Some say that papaya helps dissolve hair in the gut, but I haven't actually seen any evidence for this. I've never heard...
  10. elrohwen

    Indoor Bunny problems

    Spaying will most likely help with all of the issues you're having, especially the litter training.
  11. elrohwen

    neutered males humping

    All perfectly normal. When they hump they generally grab on to a mouthful of hair and that's what gets pulled out. My spayed female tries to hump my male all the time, or pulls fur out of his bum. As long as it's not causing fights it's not a problem.
  12. elrohwen

    How long can a bunny 'hold it' before going potty?

    My Otto routinely holds it for up to 12 hours - he'll go out in the living room for a nap and stay out there all day, never bothering to get up to use his litter box. Bunnies should have no problem holding it for 30min, however, they don't always *want* to hold it that long. Sometimes they like...
  13. elrohwen

    My Bunny is now scared of me, what can I do?

    I know you said to ignore your post ;-) but I wanted to jump in and say she just sounds hormonal! The sweetest female bunnies can turn into terrors right around that age and it's perfectly normal (and almost always fixable with a spay)
  14. elrohwen

    Should I get my bunny a FRIEND!?!

    She could be doing it just to get your attention. If you look at her, or even tell her "no" while she does it, she might keep doing it just to get you to look at her. I would try ignoring completely - the behavior might increase at first, but should go away. Even with a million toys, some...
  15. elrohwen

    Mini rex always scared..

    It sounds like they're territorial of their cage, rather than shy. This is very typical for females of that age as they go into puberty and many don't like people sticking hands into their cages. Most bunnies don't like to be picked up either, so they could be reacting like that in an attempt to...
  16. elrohwen

    Vitamin C supplement from Oxbow

    Guinea pigs require vitamin C supplements, but they're not necessary for rabbits - they get what they need from food. For what it's worth, I haven't seen convincing research that papaya tablets are good for them either. I think they make good treats, but I wouldn't feed it expecting it to do...
  17. elrohwen

    Where to buy old style grids??

    Bed Bath and Beyond always seems to have packs of the old style - that's where I bought all of mine.
  18. elrohwen

    It seems like Mimi is mad at me, or doesn't like me anymore?

    She's probably a little wary of you now since you've been poking and prodding her, but I'm sure she'll turn around! It will just take some time. How old is she? If she's young, it could also be the result of normal aging and hormones which can change a bunny's personality.
  19. elrohwen

    Chewing on Cords then Begging to be petted after

    I agree with the others - discipline isn't a good idea. Just cover the cords and if he still does it, find some no chew stuff for rabbits (it's usually citrus flavored). If that doesn't work, just block them off so he can't get to them. Even the most well behaved bunny will nibble on a cord from...
  20. elrohwen

    New Bunny won't drink?

    He may be drinking when you're not looking. I've had Otto for two years and have only seen him drink a handful of times. I don't think I've ever seen Hannah drink in the year I've had her. Especially if you're feeding veggies, the rabbit will get a lot of water from food. Just keep the bowl and...