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  1. ArmyGuyDan

    Good bye Beth

    still miss my little girl
  2. ArmyGuyDan


    miss our goofy girl
  3. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye my little Girl Nikki

    miss my lil rat girl
  4. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye Mr. B

    hard to believe it's been that long now
  5. ArmyGuyDan

    goodbye Commander Bun-Bun

    still miss our sassy grumpy bun
  6. ArmyGuyDan

    Our Theodore (Ted) passed this morning

    still miss the old guy, nothing stopped him from exploring
  7. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye to our Miss Molly

    I still miss her a bunch
  8. ArmyGuyDan

    Binky free, my Kirby

    what a beautiful rabbit, lived a good life
  9. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye my old boy Spike

    it's been very painful since Spike left me, it's never been easy to cope with the death of a Bunny, especially when you're very attached to them
  10. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye My Little Old Man

    he was the oldest living Finch I have ever seen, and a very friendly lil boy
  11. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye to our Miss Molly

    it's never easy losing them
  12. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye my old boy Spike

    here's the first picture I took of Spike June 4th, 2005 when he first came to me, he hoped up on the couch and drumsticked out, was able to get the camera and get this photo
  13. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye my old boy Spike

    He was 11 years old, my folks had adopted him back in 2005 when he was less than a year old, he was a very mellow rabbit and was very laid back, was always nosy when you were vacuuming the rabbit room, always loved his hay and treats. over the past few weeks he was having seizures. Spike had...
  14. ArmyGuyDan

    R.I.P. My Bunny "Stew"

    Stew buddy, I miss you a bunch, you were a crabby rabbit but I still loved you a bunch
  15. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye my Giant Girl

    it's hasn't been the same without her
  16. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye my little honker

    it was painful waking up the next morning to see that she crossed over the bridge, I held her in my arms the night before where she laid on my chest while we watched movies together, I'm gonna miss my big girl, gonna miss her digging on my leg when I would put her out to run around
  17. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye my Giant Girl

    she was, if you sat on the couch she would lay in your lap and not budge, or if you were laying on the floor she would get on your back
  18. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye to our Miss Molly

    Molly was the bossy one of the 2
  19. ArmyGuyDan

    Goodbye my Giant Girl

    she did, she was a nosey and loving girl
  20. ArmyGuyDan

    Good bye Beth

    she was and still is my baby girl, I'll never forget the time she crawled into my shirt pocket when I first had her, or when she would lay on my lap in my mushroom chair when I was playing Xenosaga 2 on Playstation 2, she was my little video game bunny