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    Rabbit litter

    Howdy! As many of you know our beloved Yesterdays news was discontinued. I wanted to come onto here and see if anybody had any suggestions regarding good rabbit litter. I have tried the wood stove pellets in the past, and one if my rabbits absolutely despised them. However, I know some of the...
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    Not drinking

    Hello! Thank you for the reply. He is eating hay as well as lettuce that I give him every day. He is a 10 pound rabbit, so I’m not sure how much lettuce I need to give him for him to have enough water in his system…
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    Not drinking

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to check out my little problem. I went to my family home for the summer on Sunday. I brought my rabbits with me. I noticed the first day that they aren’t drinking. After about a day, one started to drink again. However, the other still will barley drink...
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    Red blood vessels?

    Hello! I hope everybody is doing well today. I thought I would come on here to ask a question. I noticed that my rabbit’s eyes seemed a little bit more red than they usually are. Does this look like a normal to you guys? It wasn’t this red in the past, which is why I am a little worried. I...
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    Up late

    Hello, I have the opposite problem of what may be guessed. Instead of my rabbit keeping my up at night, I’m afraid I am. I was curious if my night owl tendencies are having an ill effect on my little boy. I can be up until 4am sometimes with a soft light on. he has seemed more tired lately, but...
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    Toxic? Ponytail Palms

    oh dang! Do you know what he is? Thanks for the info!
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    Toxic? Ponytail Palms

    Hello! I had a question for anyone available. I have a chequered giant who seems to have raided a piece of dried up pony tails palm. I don’t know how it got in his room, but it did… I was wondering if anyone knew wether these are toxic to buns? I could find out online. thank you!