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  1. Cara

    Newly adopted rabbit not eating hay - any tricks to getting him to eat more hay

    A previous rabbit I had did not like hay at all either, had so much difficultly getting him to eat any hay. Back then I didn't know about Small Pet Supply. They have a 2nd cut Timothy hay that both of my current rabbits just Love. I highly recommend you try this brand/type of hay and see if he...
  2. Cara

    How long should I wait to bond my bunny?

    Thank you for the info! I will do some more research on bonding and make sure everyone's ready before starting the process :)
  3. Cara

    How long should I wait to bond my bunny?

    It's been almost a month since we adopted one-year-old Rocky from the shelter. He seems happy in his new home and we've caught him flopping once and doing a few binkies. He has warmed up to us a lot more but doesn't seek pets and still hops away if he thinks we're trying to pet him or pick him...
  4. Cara

    My little princess is gone 😭

    I'm so sorry for your loss of your little bun. Just know it wasn't your fault, and she's at peace now.
  5. Cara

    Please pray for Lawrence

    I'm so sorry to hear about Lawrence! 😢 Bunnies have a way of changing our lives for the better. We're here if you need anything 🫂💗
  6. Cara

    New Bunny!

    We will spoil him into loving us! 😂
  7. Cara

    How to deal with guilt after giving away bunny?

    I'm so sorry, I wish I could give you a warm hug 🤗. As someone who recently adopted a bunny from the animal shelter, I wanted to give my perspective....and I can tell you that as an adopter, I don't think badly about the previous owner because I don't know under what circumstances they had to...
  8. Cara

    What is Frosted Cream Harlequin?

    I don't know the answer to your question but I have to say, these bunnies are absolutely beautiful! 😍
  9. Cara

    Please pray for Lawrence

    Aaaaw I'm sorry to hear about your buns 😔. Praying for their well-being and that the answers will be revealed soon! I assure you it's nothing you're doing wrong. As we rabbit owners know, rabbits sometimes have complex health issues that can be so hard to diagnose. Please keep us updated! -Cara
  10. Cara

    New Bunny!

    Hi! The other day we adopted a bun from the local animal shelter. He is a one-year-old lop and we don't know much about his background other than that he is healthy and neutured. My friend said his coloring reminded her of rocky road ice cream so we named him Rocky 😄. Rocky is still getting...
  11. Cara

    Help Name Twin Bunnies!

    Hello! How exciting. I like pumpkin and spice because 1) they are born during Pumpkin Spice season! 2) We have a tendency to give our pets nicknames or shorter names, especially when we're calling them or when they're in trouble lol; 3) their harlequin coloring resembles pumpkin spice colors :)...
  12. Cara

    Sick bunny at rabbit rescue

    Hello, If I were you I would give them a call to follow up, I see no harm in that. You are just a concerned party who happens to care for rabbits. I really hope they are taking care of her so she can continue to live a happy bunny life! And thank you so much for your service to the bunnies...
  13. Cara

    Leporidae Online Game

    I just found out about it. I'm having trouble getting it to recognize my login info. Will let you know once I get in!
  14. Cara

    Welcomed new baby today

    Ooooh I love him! ❤ He looks just like my bunny Walter, who passed away recently. He was a standard Rex, big like this one. He looks so sweet!
  15. Cara

    Need to rehome the best bunny ever - Idaho

    I would totally adopt him but I live in Denver, Colorado. Hmm my sister lives in Boise area though...(just thinking out loud!). Your bunny is just adorable. I lost my sweet bunny a little over a month ago and would love to have a new furry friend. Keep us posted!
  16. Cara


    Hello and welcome, Rosey and Avie!! Aaaaw she looks very sweet I wish I could pet her 😍
  17. Cara

    Another Newbie and 🐰 Here

    No worries at all. I pray for a speedy recovery for your husband and your mother. It sounds like Peanut is just a happy bun who knows how to keep himself entertained! That in itself is a blessing. He's in good hands :)
  18. Cara

    Jeremy and Snickers

    Adorable! 🥰
  19. Cara

    My Dimi has passed, and I am not coping well

    I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet bunny passing away. I lost my bunny Walter exactly 2 weeks ago and I know it's hard. Only had him 6 1/2 yrs and he had a huge impact on me. I still cry off and on bit, but it has gotten a little easier each day. What you must remember is that 9 years is an...
  20. Cara

    I'm new to being a bunny mummy

    Chea Bun is so adorable 😍 Welcome to the bunny community! I look forward to hearing more about you and the bun! -Cara