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    How can I stop my bunny to bite his wound?

    they sell a lot of soft ones online in different sizes ? I also saw a soft shirt online for bunnies but only large sizes were available. Look on Amazon. I agree that he should be seen by vet . It could be something he came in contact with outside ,best to have it looked at
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    How can I stop my bunny to bite his wound?

    I have not used this particular soft ecollar but wonder if it might be better than the hard one
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    RHDV2 Vaccine

    My vet will be getting the vaccine next week . I am wondering if a rabbit with reoccurrences of pasturella , or an older bun has adverse effects from the vaccine. Can anyone tell me what to expect from this vaccine? ‘Thanks 🙂
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    Scabbing around the mouth (continues)

    How did your vet confirm that it was not syphlis? A skin biopsy can confirm it , blood tests often take weeks for results? 2nd opinion by rabbit savvy vet warranted MediRabbit
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    How to disinfect cage when rabbit has mites?

    You can wipe it down with white vinegar . I often use both white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. I would then take her cage out of the house and allow it to sit in the sun (not on ground) for a day or so. Make sure any toys are not reused and that everything in the cage is clean.
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    Rabbit Vet visit - head tilt

    Forgot to mention that it would be a good idea to get a probiotic to give to your bunny as oral antibiotics can often upset the gut flora. Never give a probiotic at the same time as you give the med as that will defeat the purpose .Give it at an in between time like 4 -5 hours after the med is...
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    Rabbit Vet visit - head tilt

    Did you take your rabbit to a vet who you knows treats a lot of rabbits ? I think that it is strange that the vet would not tell you exactly what is wrong and why he is using certain medications. the slight head tilt could be an ear infection or a protozoan infection called ecuniculi . Teeth...
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    Looks like Pasturella is coming back!

    Thanks for your great suggestions. 👍 I will keep you updated. The fact that you have had experience using azithromycin assures me !
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    New bunnies--health concerns with unusual-looking urine

    i Would only add that when a bunny is Spayed/neutered too young that often circulating hormones which contribute to normal healthy bone development are eliminated too soon . That is one reason that 6 months is considered to be a good age For a female and a little younger for a male , or when...
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    Looks like Pasturella is coming back!

    I will ask my vet about azithromycin. I don’t think that she generally uses it but she does listen to me. I am somewhat apprehensive about loss of appetite from this particular drug but would try it. Do you know how your vet dosed it? Also wondering if you gave it alone or with penicillin? I...
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    RHVD2 in the US - what you need to know (includes map, pg 3)

    There is a private Facebook group called North American RDHV 2 group. This group tracks the virus in North America , may be worth exploring. From what I understand veterinarians do not have access to the vaccine until the virus is actually in the state . Our state of Wisconsin has no cases...
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    how to get a rabbit to lose some weight

    I have always had overweight rabbits. My vet has told me that the hay that I use is “ too high quality” It is mostly Oxbow Western Timothy. My overweight buns have lived very long lives. I am talking about 15 yrs. I have never rationed hay nor “not fed” pellets Guess I am wondering why you are...
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    Preventing GI stasis

    I had learned early on that petroleum based cat hairball gel was not helpful for rabbits when shedding . I was taught that it was “old school” and could contribute to a blockage. I never used it UNTIL I participated in an online forum recently given by an extremely knowledgeable SanDiego...
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    Looks like Pasturella is coming back!

    I have a 3 yr old mini-Rex , who I have had since he was about 3 months. Right after adoption I noted infrequent , sporadic sneezing but he continued to be very active with no other issues, no discharge etc. By the time he was about 9-10 months he began to have sneezing fits and although he...
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    Refrigerating PenG Procaine
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    Refrigerating PenG Procaine

    This is the safe antibiotic list from medirabbit. Your 2.4 lb rabbit is about 1 kg (2.2lbs) There is a range of dosage in units. If you locate bicillin you will see the range is 47,000-84,000 u per kg. I usually dose somewhere in the middle. If you have a rabbit savvy vet it may be wiser to...
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    Flooring for older bun with spinal disc issues

    Thanks Jenny, she is not yet paralyzed and most of the time can keep her balance and move around if the flooring of the xpen is kept very flat. Last night she had an episode of not being able to get her hind legs under her and when attempting to get up just goes in a circle. I gave her extra...
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    Flooring for older bun with spinal disc issues

    Thanks for the suggestion! Yesterday Jim and I spent the entire afternoon in Home Depot and Menards looking at mats, carpets, etc. I had not yet seen the reply so I ended up buying several floor mats with rubber backing and short minimal carpet fiber on front. Last evening , for whatever reason...
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    Flooring for older bun with spinal disc issues

    My bun Willow has spent the entirety of her life living in an X-men enclosure on UHaul brown paper and cardboard boxes . The joy of her life is to sit on cardboard and rip it apart . She is now 13yr old and recently was diagnosed with spinal disc issues which temporarily left her unable to use...