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  1. Korr_and_Sophie

    Can you show a rabbit without a pedigree?

    Not many shows have fun or pet classes, and most are aimed at kids. Some ag fairs might have pet classes, but it can vary. You can show in ARBA shows, but do have to meet the breed requirements (if he is small, the minimum weight could be an issue). If you wanted something fun to do with him...
  2. Korr_and_Sophie

    Loose domestic bunny..

    Where is he? I know there are a few areas that have a decent population of dumped rabbits. Keep trying with food and see if you can get him to trust you more. This way will probably take more time. Do have a carrier or at least a blanket to wrap him in if you do catch him. Using x-pens is...
  3. Korr_and_Sophie

    Peoples Experience with Angoras

    Do not get an angora solely based on looks. Yes, they are beautiful, but they are a lot of work. I have seen and had to deal with what happens when someone doens't know how to care for one. It's not good for the rabbit to be completely covered in mats that are 2" thick (I am not exaggerating, I...
  4. Korr_and_Sophie

    Bunny hopping competition

    Don't over do it with a young rabbit. They and still growing, and too much jumping is hard on them. Short jumps are fine, and short training sessions. We don't allow rabbits under 9 months to go over about 12". Some young rabbits do lack focus, so might not really 'get it' until they are a bit...
  5. Korr_and_Sophie

    Bunny hopping competition

    H style harnesses are pretty much the only ones allowed in competition. You don't want one that has a strap between the legs. There are different brands, but you want one that looks like this: For a leash, 4-6ft is usually good. Too long and it gets hard to manage. A light cat one works best...
  6. Korr_and_Sophie

    Selling Wool?

    The amount of grooming can depend on the breed, lines, and individual rabbit. Angoras should have the coat blown out, rather than brushed. Brushing does remove wool, which isn't ideal. The blower opens up the coat, removes dander, and can keep the rabbit in good shape, brushing is usually...
  7. Korr_and_Sophie

    Tractor Supply Timothy Bales?

    I can't vouch for TC, but I do buy bales of hay for my rabbits. While the quality can vary a bit, most of it tends to be quite nice. I sometimes find things in the bale, but it's usually some thistles or other plant stuff. I have heard of people finding dead mice and bugs in hay, but some even...
  8. Korr_and_Sophie

    Huge Problem- Moving

    That may depend on the airline. I know some allow 2 pets as long as they are the same species and would get along and fit comfortably in the carrier. Others might only allow 1 per carrier. I am not sure if it matters if it is an international flight or not. It does tend to be carry on that only...
  9. Korr_and_Sophie

    Huge Problem- Moving

    I know there have been people who have taken rabbit oversees when the move. There does seem to be a fair amount of hassle, mostly dealing with airlines since most don't allow rabbits. I would suggest doing a lot of research to figure out what you need. There can be things like quarantine, vet...
  10. Korr_and_Sophie

    How did you build you NIC Cages??

    There are many tutorials out there, so you might just want to google it and see what people do. It also helps to look at different designs and see what you think may work for you. I have made a few cages, so have the process pretty well down. I use zip ties (the connectors are a pain in the...
  11. Korr_and_Sophie

    which bunny to adopt

    I would suggest focusing on the rabbit and if you like them rather than the rescue/shelter they come from. The are advantages and disadvantages to both rescues and shelters, but neither is really better or worse. If you like one rabbit more than another, then adopt that one. I know it can be...
  12. Korr_and_Sophie

    Kicking Litter Out

    A grate over the litter can help. You don't have to buy a litter box with a grate as you can easily make one using wire mesh. In a pinch, a cookie sheet (for cooling baking) can work. Some people have success with plastic stitching screens, but some rabbits will chew them.
  13. Korr_and_Sophie

    Potential caging ?

    It looks like it should work for a rabbit. The concern I would have is the levels. They would need to be placed lower down (about 1/2 way), and the ramps would really be useless for a rabbit. They do need something to cover them as well, but it looks like you have that covered. It can be best if...
  14. Korr_and_Sophie

    Feeding question

    If he is growing well, then you don't need to give unlimited pellets. You could give a bit more than you are giving now, but it might not be needed. For smaller breeds, it is usually recommended to limit pellets around 6 months old anyway. It sounds like you are giving a good diet, so you...
  15. Korr_and_Sophie

    Neutering cost

    That is a bit high, but not unheard of. Some vets do charge more than others based on their costs. You can try shopping around, but still need a rabbit savvy vet.
  16. Korr_and_Sophie

    Switching food

    It's fine to switch to adult pellets now. Smaller breeds are mature around 6 months. A large or giant breed does take longer to mature, so can benefit from being on the young food for longer. I divide up the pellets into 2 feedings per day, so give 1/8 of a cup each feeding.
  17. Korr_and_Sophie

    DIY X Pen Bottom?

    Most hardware stores have coroplast. Sign shops use it as well, so you may be able to get a misprint cheaper. Around here, a 4X8ft sheet costs about $20-25 and there can be some different colours.
  18. Korr_and_Sophie

    Bunny shampoo?????

    Companies don't always make and sell things becasue they are good for us or our animals. Products are made so people will buy them, that's really all there is to it. The junk foods are marketed for people to buy, and people buy them so they keep getting sold. Many people think rabbits need...
  19. Korr_and_Sophie

    DIY X Pen Bottom?

    Coroplast is easy to cut and doens't really require any special tools. I just use an utility knife and duct tape, sometime to measure with helps too. Using the coroplast mostly requires measuring, cutting to size and taping the sides. I like to score (cut 1/2 way through) so the edges can just...
  20. Korr_and_Sophie

    Hay allergy- any alternatives?

    You could try a different type of hay. Many people are allergic to timothy, but can be fine with orchard grass. As long as it is grass hay (not alfalfa), it should be fine for rabbits. Some brands might be better suited for you than others. It could be less dusty or have fewer seed heads. It...