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  1. Freedom

    New to rabbits..Ike suddenly died

    So sorry for your loss. Hugs. Keep his love in your heart.
  2. Freedom

    Bun with "rotated" back hips (RIP)

    Oh no. So sorry for your loss Know in your heart that you gave aspen the best care possible and all your love. ❤
  3. Freedom

    New User

    We have a flemish/silver fox mix and he's the best.
  4. Freedom

    Dislocated, fractured, broken? (RIP)

    So sorry for your loss. But so happy to see how loved that sweet baby was till the end. Hugs
  5. Freedom

    Pain medicine

    I think I would have went with option 2 as well. From your updates it's seems that he has been healing well already without medical intervention. What a freak accident. I'm so happy that he's a strong survivor. Keep us updated.
  6. Freedom

    All vets closed, GI stasis

    How's your baby?
  7. Freedom

    Pain medicine

    Oh no. Sorry to hear this. I agree bring him home with critical care and pain meds until Monday
  8. Freedom

    Rabbit with extremely bad infection- advice (RIP)

    I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you did everything you could for him. And loved him till the end.
  9. Freedom

    Best hideaways

    Cardboard boxes are what we use.
  10. Freedom

    Persistent poopy butt after eating pellets even in little portions

    We have a flemish and cannot free feed him pellets as if he eats too many he gets diarrhea. After trial and error we found the perfect balance and amount of pellets for him. Anything over and he get the runs.
  11. Freedom

    Please pray for Lawrence

    This absolutely breaks my heart. From your posts I know how much Lawrence means to you. So so sorry. Hugs 🫂 and thoughts and everything.
  12. Freedom

    How to deal with guilt after giving away bunny?

    You have to make peace with the decision knowing you did what you could. Exhausted all scenarios and made the best decision for your baby. Making the decision is very hard but making it alos shows how much you love him. To want to give him the best chance and life. That you at this time were not...
  13. Freedom

    Oreo has G.I. Stasis

    So glad to see that she's bounced back. Gi stasis is scary.
  14. Freedom

    HELP!! Issues with new bunny

    Oh no. So sorry for your loss. Know that you provided the best care for her. And absolutely loved her ❤
  15. Freedom

    Vets won't help till friday!

    Oh no. So sorry for your loss. Know that you did everything you could and gave him the love and care he deserved. Sounds like there were other possible things going on. Hugs. And cherish the time you had with him.
  16. Freedom

    Large tunnel

    I have a flemish and we have this one. I searched for largest cat tunnel i could find. He has plenty of room in here. 12''
  17. Freedom

    Ear cleaner recommendations?

    I would say it's possible it's ear mites and not just ear wax. And you don't want to clean the crust out if it's mites. They need to be treated. Can use ivermectin pour on , 2 to 3 drops in each ear , and in between ears. Repeat day 10.
  18. Freedom

    Possible ear mites?

    I would treat them all.
  19. Freedom

    Possible ear mites?

    I've successfully used ivermectin pour on available at tractor supply or similar. Few drops in each ear. And then in between ears. Repeat after 10 days. Do not try to remove the crust etc. It will come out on its own.
  20. Freedom

    Bambi stopped eating and in emergency care

    So so sorry for your loss. Rip sweet Bambi. Prayers that nugget recovers.