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    My bun lost her mate, should I re-bond her?

    The end of your comment again proves exactly what I said about coming off as condescending. OP I think your plan sounds great and definitely listen to your bun! But I refuse to be a part of an online community where others’ opinions aren’t respected. You are making it sound as if getting a...
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    My bun lost her mate, should I re-bond her?

    I remember you from another thread. I am in no way trying to dispel your suggestions I think it’s great you’re trying to help but you do come off as very condescending, your original post sounded, at least to me, like you thought I had no idea what I was talking about. But I do. Which is why I...
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    Bonding my female with a male

    Haha yep sometimes they’re just spoiled- nothing you can do. And they’re so tiny!!!
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    My bun lost her mate, should I re-bond her?

    You know your rabbit best. You can take her on speed dates. She just might be well with a bonded pair. I’m sorry to the above commenter but I have had a trio no issues. Thank you for the info but I think the poster knows her rabbit best. And if you do speed dating you can choose rabbits that...
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    Bonding Bunnies and Cats

    Definitely start supervised. I don’t think it’ll be an issue if they’re big rabbits and small kittens. Plus if the rabbits are free roam then kittens will see that the rabbits too are pets and not to be attacked. Plus they’ll grow up around the rabbits knowing that they’re no better than the...
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    Bonding my female with a male

    Hello! I have the exact same thing. My male acts like a spoiled brat. During bonding she would groom him for 2 minutes straight then he’d come up give her maybe two licks then bow his head for more! As long as your rabbits aren’t fighting it is all good! Even to this day I still see my female...
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    My indoor rabbits molt a ton too. Try getting a large slicker brush (with rubber balls at the end of the bristles) and invest in a good vacuum!
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    Netherland Hiding

    I agree with the above poster- she’s probably just mad at you! She’ll come out of her attitude eventually haha. Are you sure she’s a netherland dwarf I thought they should be 3 pounds or less? I have a netherland dwarf for 3.5 years now and he still runs away. I’ve read that they’re just a...
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    The bond may have been lost from keeping them apart before the surgeries. I would honestly keep them apart for 6 weeks to make sure that all the hormones are full in check. At least 4 weeks. At 4 weeks maybe they can have supervised play time to jumpstart rebonding. But then at 6 weeks they can...
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    My bun lost her mate, should I re-bond her?

    This is really tough. Unfortunately if she only has 4-6 months left I wouldn’t try to rebond. Bonding itself could take 2 months. Plus that’d be setting up the new bun for heartbreak. Unless you want to adopt maybe a pair of younger/middle age rabbits. Then you could try bonding them as a trio...
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    Tear duct infection

    He is super adorable!! My netherland dwarf is also more prone to infections. Ice read something about being able to tell by kinda massaging the area underneath his eye where the tooth would potentially meet the tear duct area. You’d have to look more into that to get more accurate info but like...
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    Tear duct infection

    I’m sorry I don’t know if I’ll be much help but what kind of rabbit is he? I’ve heard some breeds just are more prone to tear duct issues
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    He may just need more consistency (doing this every single time) or more time to learn. Have you looked into clicker training?
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    Do cats and bunnies get along ? Can rabbit stay alone ?

    Sorry for the confusion but so this last bunny spends all of his time with the other bunnies? If so then he may already be bonded to them. And if you give him away especially somewhere that he’d be a single rabbit he could very possibly get lonely. Also I understand your concern with the cat...
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    Need help with my rescue bunny

    Sorry to hear of this tough situation. I’ve heard statistics that over half- some even say up to 80%- of does will get reproductive cancers by ages 4-6 if not spayed. People who haven’t gotten theirs spayed may just have gotten lucky. Here is what I would do. Book a spay appointment maybe a...
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    Bunny litter box trouble

    That’s so sweet. My suggestions would be to maybe clean the box more often. If you already clean it a lot then maybe look into how long her fur should be. However Jersey woolies do require a lot of grooming so cleaning her butt might just be a part of being her mom. Good luck!
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    Softwood Pellet Litter?

    I would not let her consume that. That could be very dangerous. What litter is she using now and does she eat it? If you’d prefer this you could try a litter box that has wire over it. I know it’s not the best solution as wire is bad for rabbit feet but a wire box would be better than her...
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    Acting Odd

    Maybe he’s super nervous because he doesn’t smell either of you in the house since it is recent. You could try putting a small carpet nearby. My rabbits will only walk on wood floors if they see a carpet a nearby as a potential landing area. Have you tried putting lots of toys and his favorite...
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    Question about bonding

    Yes I’d just wait. When they are spayed and neutered they’ll also need healing times, preferably by themselves so they are not accidentally hurt or annoyed by the other rabbits. Then you’d wait about 6 weeks or more before trying to bond them. I was also super nervous for mines surgeries but...
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    Litterbox with wire floor

    I understand what you’re saying but litter boxes shouldn’t be staying dirty for that long. I’ve never heard of a rabbit dying of these toxic fumes anyways unless by severe neglect and living in feces. Thank you for bringing this up but it is not right to make others fearful for their rabbit(s)...