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  1. HoneyPot

    Non Stop Sneezing - How to help Oliver

    Hey guys - OLiver is on Baytril for snuffles right now but tonight he is having ongoing sneezing fits and I have no idea what to do to help him. Any ideas???
  2. HoneyPot

    Zeus had 3 (or so) mint chocolate cookies....danger?

    Hey Peg - was just checking in to see how Zeus was doing. Glad the cookies passed through without problems! I've never had to hide cookies before, but my new lady Bella is a beast for snacks... she tore open the box of oreos that I left on the coffee table. Silly rabbits!! Zeus probably...
  3. HoneyPot

    Zeus had 3 (or so) mint chocolate cookies....danger?

    Hey Peg - Bella ate an oreo a couple weeks ago and was fine but one thing the vet recommended if I was concerned is to do a subq to dilute the amount of chocolate in the system. Wasn't enough that they felt they needed any active charcoal. Charlie ate a handful of chocolate chips and for him...
  4. HoneyPot


    Susan. I haven't been on the forum for quite some time and the place I hate checking most is this forum. I come in here with my eyes half closed hoping that I don't see anyone or any-bun that I care for... and here you are. Twice. No lie - just this week I was telling someone about you and...
  5. HoneyPot


    Thanks guys - heard back from the vets at Cornell (they did a necropsy as a learning exercise). Turns out my little one had advanced Lymphoma that showed up in the thymus. Her liver was severely compromised with the cancer which means it was all over her body by that point. Her kidneys also...
  6. HoneyPot


    Made this video of her about two months ago. :) I agree Angela - it's like the end of an era whenever I hear about another of my favorites passing away.
  7. HoneyPot


    Just wanted to let you all know that Misty passed away on Friday (April 8th). Two months ago she had a slight bulging of the eyes and my vets have been investigating it (suspected a tooth root abscess) however, I finally got tired of them not being able to find anything and not listening to...
  8. HoneyPot


    Thanks hun! Saw them and Misty and I have an appointment at the Cornell University Vet Hospital (where the doctor that wrote that article is one of the department heads) and where the bunny in the other story was treated. Hopefully Misty will be able to hold out until then. Just the initial...
  9. HoneyPot


    Hi guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has had any successful experiences in having thymoma treated? Misty has a large mass in her chest - thymoma is the educated guess from positioning, size and her behaviour (which hasn't really been affected by the mass). Here, the vets don't have any...
  10. HoneyPot

    URGENT: 2 Sweet, Abused Buns to be Rehomed-PLS HELP!!! Saw these little ones at the shelter.
  11. HoneyPot

    Rest in Peace, Basil

    (((HUGS))) There's not much else to say. :( ____________ Nadia
  12. HoneyPot

    Pebbles 06/23/04 - 05/14/10

    I just logged on and saw this and needed to send my love out to you, Stan. It remains painful forever; losing a heart-bun. I still tear up when I forget that Charlie isn't going to come running in from the other room. It's the end of an era (that's how I felt when my trio was down to...
  13. HoneyPot

    Long week... tough decisions

    MBB - this is probably late in coming, but my dad had thyroid cancer as well as the RAI treatment. If you want to chat about it, PM me. ____________ Nadia
  14. HoneyPot

    Sucralfate Dosage

    Thanks Randy - your information is wonderful - as always. I took him to another vet that is more knowledgeable and he agreed the sucralfate is not the way he would have gone (he uses it as a last resort type medication he said). Oliver is with the vet now - he's being put under so the vet...
  15. HoneyPot

    Sucralfate Dosage

    Hi, does anyone know the rabbit dosage for Sucralfate? My vet doesn't have it, so she's 'winged it' for Oliver, but if Randy - or someone has any idea, can you let me know? So far she's giving him .1 CC twice daily of a 1gr/5ml suspension. I have to go back to see her first thing this week...
  16. HoneyPot

    Sty(e) in eye?

    Misty once had this as well - looked like a sty. Followed Carolyn's advice of a warm compress to the eye a couple times a day and after a few days it went away on it's own with no issues. *fingers crossed* for Tony. ___________ Nadia
  17. HoneyPot

    Jack's Bladder Sludge - Part 2

    So this is going to seem totally out of the blue - but does your bunny get a lot of sunshine? I've been doing a lot of research on this because I'm suffering from a bunny who has perpetual sludge in her urine and my vet tried to tell me it was her diet - although both my other rabbits eat the...
  18. HoneyPot


    Thanks so much for all the kind replies guys, it means a lot. The vet called with the autopsy results - and there was nothing visible. He had food in his stomach, he had a little hair as well (it's shedding time here), but nothing that would have caused a blockage. The vet said his liver...
  19. HoneyPot

    Misty, Charlie and Oliver's Crawl Space

    My little Charlie monkey passed away on Sunday. We took him to the vet today adn they're going to do an autopsy since it seems like he got sick and passed away so suddenly. Neil wanted to get it done, I was iffy because my worst fear is that they'll come back and it will be something I could...
  20. HoneyPot


    Just wanted to post a note to let you guys know we lost Charlie this morning. He ate lunch at 5pm yesterday, but then wasn't intersted in dinner last night. I tried to grab him to give him simethicone just in case but he was making me chase him pretty good, so I thought he was okay. This...