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  1. healersheart

    Free range in bedroom

    My bun is the same—fully potty trained but still likes marking territory on our bed and couch where I sit/lay down. I have been using this waterproof blanket on our bed and have washed it many times, and it’s never failed us yet. It works much better than a plastic sheet would (since it...
  2. healersheart

    Peeing outside litter box, but only at night?

    My boy (neutered) does the same thing…only at night. It’s not like he misses; it’s intentional marking in certain places. Cleaning the spots and then spraying “Angry Orange” helps to prevent him from re-marking for a little while. I‘ve just given up trying to stop him from doing it.
  3. healersheart

    Please Help (rabbit traumatized by cat, will he be ok?)

    I’m so sorry that happened. It sounds like you are a great bunny mom; accidents happen sometimes. Have you tried introducing the cat and dog to your new bun? I would think the cat’s reaction was maybe a little more about something new and unfamiliar being in the house; maybe if he was...
  4. healersheart

    PLEASE HELP!!! GI stasis (RIP)

    I’m so incredibly sorry that you lost your baby. 💔 You tried your very best to help him, and I know he felt your love right up to the end.
  5. healersheart

    Rabbit help- Febreeze

    I have heard in the past not to spray Febreeze around rabbits, but I would imagine one spraying instance isn’t going to be much of an issue. I think it’s because they have such sensitive respiratory systems and the ingredients are pretty iffy, even for humans.
  6. healersheart

    2022 Indoor Cages...add your photo!

    This is Benji’s private abode. He’s out and about all day except for napping here when he wishes, but at night he stays here with the gate closed. He seems to treat poop like confetti at night, thus he can’t stay out while we’re sleeping. 😆
  7. healersheart

    thoughts on lennon the bunny

    Yes, I think 101rabbits is great. Her videos are long and detailed, and feel less commercial or popularity motivated.
  8. healersheart

    Death from old age at 11.5?

    You are an excellent bunny mom, and it sounds to me like you did everything you could to make her last days peaceful and loving. You didn’t do anything wrong.
  9. healersheart

    Eating Dry poops and Cecotropes

    Mine does this frequently as well, and I had been wondering why. Glad to know it’s somewhat normal!
  10. healersheart

    Get to know each other game!

    Semi-true. I have an xpen that gives my bun some bunny-only space away from the dogs who know not to go inside, but the door is never shut (except when Benji has gotten himself in big trouble), so he is technically free-roam. It snowed at our house last night. The person below me has a rabbit...