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  1. Momma Luvbun

    Possible peanut baby? Please help!

    I don't care what the answer is to your question, I care that that's the tiniest littlest cutiest ittybitty luvbun I've EVER seen 🤗🥰 ohh that little fella just tickles my heart strings something BAD. It sure is a Trooper (it's name possibly 😉), to still be alive and looking well after 3 weeks...
  2. Momma Luvbun

    Are These Toys Rabbit Safe?

    @CrazyChickenGirl willow branches are wonderful for ties 😍 because of their bendable quality and are a fav for buns. I have also put "rings" together for throwing with a keychain ring and different sized canning rings. Mine love them!! Then I have gone and bought a cat ball or two and I just...
  3. Momma Luvbun

    Are These Toys Rabbit Safe?

    @CrazyChickenGirl I'm not sure about the first photos, I never feed my buns anything in a bag except for pellets (with nothing else in them) or hay. I suggest "making" toys for your buns with items you can get for free by taking a walk and " harvesting". Willow branches make for good ties...
  4. Momma Luvbun

    Should rabbits eat greens?

    Absolutely 😊 and they love to have their own garden in the summer. I lived in an apartment with my last girl and I created a hanging deck garden that consisted of tomatoes, pepers and strawberries for me (she got strawberries too 😊) Then for her we had dill, parsley, kale and leaf lettuce. She...
  5. Momma Luvbun

    Bowls vs Bottles

    My buns prefer a bowl. I don't like the bottles (unless I'm traveling with them where a bowl isn't appropriate) because I feel they could get stuck or drip and cause buns issues on both sides of the spectrum; a wet space or dehydration. I also believe a bowl is more sanitary.
  6. Momma Luvbun

    Leaving my bunny alone (need advice ASAP!!)

    Let me first start by saying you are on track when it comes to traveling and leaving bunbun behind 👍..By having someone bunnysit, and dropping in in the morning and evening are what I request they come as well if my bunnysitter can't stay at my house (I now have my sister stay at my place and...
  7. Momma Luvbun

    Are cages with wire flooring really that bad?

    This is how my buns live in my tiny home with me 🤗 Free to be 💙💕
  8. Momma Luvbun

    Are cages with wire flooring really that bad?

    I prefer to have free range buns. They live with me sharing our space. There isn't anywhere I have to keep them out if due to how small my place is, but I have bunnyproofed all baseboards and wires to the outlets that are in reach. They are impecably clean and have been potty trained to a...
  9. Momma Luvbun

    Free range in bedroom

    Some great advice and info already given, good job community 👍😊 My experience with buns peeing where they shouldn't be (Couch, bed, areas of carpet etc) I feel it is small enough of a spot that if you're on top of it, it's easily cleaned up. When litterbox training, I'd sop up the "accident"...
  10. Momma Luvbun

    Storm left without us.

    I am very sorry for yours and Iris' hearts. It won't be easy for either of you. But in time it will be ok. Just keep an eye in your girl for depression which can bring on not eating and another bet visit. Do not be hard on yourself with shoulda coulda's they don't help. Just know your...
  11. Momma Luvbun

    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    Please don't second guess yourself and try to come up with the reason/s your bunbun passed. Only a necropsy can provide you the answers and it won't change anything except knowing why. My late Black beauty passed away within 10 days of showing sickness and I fought with myself over the care I...
  12. Momma Luvbun

    How do you social a cat around bunnies?

    I feel that animals in a house, if treated fairly and shown the same love tend to understand that they are family not food. I had a feline who was missing for 4 years before I got him back. In the year just before, I decided to get my black beauty as a 12 week old kit so she was a year old when...
  13. Momma Luvbun

    Rabbit poops

    My double-mane lionhead has ISC so I rarely give him pellets anymore because I find that is what causes his flare up of it. I don't agree with the cliché that they "only do it at night" and i used to think he didn't make/eat the cecotropes until one day in the early afternoon, I noticed him...
  14. Momma Luvbun

    Momma, babies and new babies

    Yup, for sure you can stop the milk as long as it is alfalfa hay they are getting. It has more in it for babies than adults who shouldn't eat that type. Sounds like you're doing well with them now and I hope to see all the babies binkying away in a video very soon.
  15. Momma Luvbun

    Momma, babies and new babies

    @octoberopal77 Yea, I'd get those older ones out then, it sounds like momma wants to work on the littler ones. Give them alfalfa hay if they are eating it and some milk if they still need. But if they're eating hay, milk shouldn't be needed anymore.. maybe someone else can chime in
  16. Momma Luvbun

    Momma, babies and new babies

    I'm sorry to hear you lost one of the little ones. Yes it can be truly heartbreaking. Keeping intact bunnies apart is your best option for now till you can get them fixed. I hope the others make it 🤞. If the older kits are still with mom, it's most likely they are getting all the milk, and...
  17. Momma Luvbun

    Momma, babies and new babies

    Best to get the bigger baby buns out and also to seperate the male all together from all the buns, until he can get neutered. Males have been known to kill kits if they have the opportunity. Keep an eye on the little one because it may need to be fed through a syringe which could be an issue...
  18. Momma Luvbun

    New here!

    Welcome to rabbits online. This is a fantastic bunny forum to gain knowledge and give answers you have to other member's questions. It is a huge asset to any bunny parent. I love my time here, which has been a few years now 🥰
  19. Momma Luvbun

    Rabbit poops

    I fully state those are stains from cecotropes. I just use a little vinegar and a wash cloth and dab the cloth corner into the vinegar and dab at the spot. Takes it away and freshens the area. You can clean up urine stains/doors this way too
  20. Momma Luvbun

    Can rabbits be left alone for a week

    I get bunny anxiety and can't be away from mine for longer than 3 days. That being said, I have my sister come and stay to watch the buns if I do need to go without them (I prefer to not take them with me so they are more comfortable in their own surroundings). Alternatively, I used to get a...