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  1. WillowRabbitry

    New bunny!

    Long story short, this little bun somehow is my pet now! (I'm not arguing ;) Any name suggestions for this little boy? So far I like Leroy, Luca & Dexter. Any other suggestions?
  2. WillowRabbitry

    Could she be pregnant?

    To my calculations, my doe was due Wednesday or Thursday. It's now saturday and she hasn't had them yet. I am convinced she is pregnant because of her behavior and she seems bigger. She has not made a nest, but this is her first litter. It there a possibility she is pregnant or do I need to rebreed?
  3. WillowRabbitry

    Should I be concerned about the kits?

    I bred my doe (Barlow) and my buck (Byron), They were completely healthy. About a week later, on thanksgiving, Byron got super sick in the morning. There weren't any doctors or vets open because we live in a super small city. We syringed fed him and he was doing better. He still had VERY bad...
  4. WillowRabbitry

    Please Help ~ Urgent :)

    I am a breeder in Southern Michigan and my sweet buck just died sadly. I found a beautiful blue bunny in Indiana but unfortunately I can't drive that far. Is anybody from Floyd's Knobs Indiana that is driving up North a little way? That would be sooo helpful! I will give you back the money for...
  5. WillowRabbitry

    Is my bunny pregnant?

    This is my first time breeding rabbits, and the does first time breeding also. She is a 6 month old Holland Lop. She is medium size for her breed. I bred them August 21, so they should be due tomorrow or sometimes soon. I am pretty sure she is pregnant. She barely eats anything lately and has...
  6. WillowRabbitry

    Willow Rabbitry Blog

    If you want to know how I started with all my rabbits and why I am starting to breed, please go check out my other post called 'Starting My Rabbitry Journey!' I figured, sense that was more of a story... not a blog, I would start this blog fresh. Don't worry though I won't start another...
  7. WillowRabbitry

    Age to Breed

    I have a 4 month old junior Holland Lop. Is 4 months old too early to bread, what about 5 months? Some people like to breed early and some late. Are there any serious cons to breeding at 4 months? He seems ready... he is a pretty mature bunny.
  8. WillowRabbitry

    Lion Heads Needs Home ASAP

    I have an ADORABLE little girl for sale. She needs a lot of bonding, a lot of love, and someone to spay her. Free to a good home. Please private message me if interested.
  9. WillowRabbitry

    Bianca The Rescue Bunny

    I have a blog about my breeding journey, but I decided to make another one dedicated to Bianca. I hope to update it on her progress and re-homing her and her other sister Briar. Around a month ago I got a mysterious call from a lady saying that she needed to re-home her bunnies because she...
  10. WillowRabbitry

    Starting My Rabbit Breeding Journey!

    ~A Story of my rabbits over the years - Some happy stories, some sad stories. Beware.. :)~ My first rabbit was a birthday surprise. On my 9th birthday I came into my room to find a cute little blue Holland Lop sitting in a cage, his big brown eyes staring at me. My mom says that the rest of...