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    Unknown problem with intestinal track

    Almost for 4 weeks my rabbits poop are very soft and wet. It starts with molt. H stopped pooping and we solved that problem by injecting him antispasmodic and ranitidine (as vet prescripted). Rabbit pooped a lot that day - soft and wet. But his behviour remained strange. Seemed like rabbit had...
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    Ferplast cages

    I'm thinking about upgrading my bunnys home. Want to buy Ferplast barn 120 cage. May be someone has that cage? Or any other Ferplast cage? How is it in usage? The main question for me is that rods are...
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    Something with my rabbit

    Hi everyone! I'm from Belarus. My rabbit is 1,5 years old. Last days we got a problem. Sorry, my English is bad, so I can't describe symptoms. But I made some videos. In my city there's only one rabbit vet and she don't know, what's happening. His teeth and mouth are ok, we made x-ray... We...