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  1. Kleb06

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    They are definitely amazing!!! And like to induce heart attacks lmao 🤣 I tried to narrow down my locks but it’s hard. I have more pictures of my bunnies and chickens than my kids! (They are older now) lol
  2. Kleb06

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    I don’t know how many times I thought mine were dead! I’m use to it finally and check to see if their belly is moving before I freak out lol
  3. Kleb06

    Identifying hay and possible Stasis

    It is a total pain!!! I only have a bag, I can’t imagine a bale 😳 Thanks JBun!
  4. Kleb06

    Identifying hay and possible Stasis

    I just got back and the lady told me they were rye heads and wild peas. I did a quick search and although wild peas are not toxic apparently dried pods can cause blockages! I have been removing them from the hay but it is possible I may have overlooked some. I’m going to lay it all out and...
  5. Kleb06

    Identifying hay and possible Stasis

    Is anyone able to identify what these are? I’ve been getting hay from a lady that handouts it from her fields but the last few bags had lots of these pods and weeds. I’ve been picking out what I see but I don’t know if it’s dangerous for my bunnies to consume. Last night all of a sudden my 8...
  6. Kleb06

    Advice bonding a female to M/F pair

    Oh no!!! That is a really cool letting them choose. We don’t have that around here and I havnt heard of anyone doing something like that! We had picked out a runt from the litter and unfortunately she passed 5 days after we got her so the lady gave us her sister and she is extremely smart...
  7. Kleb06

    Advice bonding a female to M/F pair

    Thanks for giving your experience! Did you have any issues with the big brother when you let the little brother in his territory? I want to try soon so I don’t have gates all over but I’m nervous and worried about the older sister being territorial when I put them back. They have such a large...
  8. Kleb06

    Advice bonding a female to M/F pair

    Hi everyone 👋. I’m looking for any advice for bonding my bunnies. I’ve watched lots of bonding videos but I’m having trouble finding something close to my situation! I have a M/F pair that have been bonded for over a year. My male was neutered but took to my female when she was a baby and they...
  9. Kleb06

    What to do with a rescued bunny

    So it’s been a few weeks and my neighbours and I have been seeing this bunny around our houses and he’s come up and takin carrots and food from all of us. Obviously he was someone’s pet and they dumped him here. We finally managed to catch him and one of them neighbours said she would keep him...
  10. Kleb06

    What is my bunny doing

    Awe. He’s a very happy Bunny 💕
  11. Kleb06

    Hidden Places

    My coffee table
  12. Kleb06

    Will hay cause my washing machine a problem.

    I shake any of mine or bunnies blankets outside and then use a rubber brush over them. I also have a rubber brush broom I “sweep” the carpet before I vacuum. It’s insane all the fur it gets out as well as hay bits
  13. Kleb06

    Are pine wood pellets safe for litter?

    Yes!! Like Blue Eyes said make sure they are kiln dried. I use a brand called canwick (I’m in Canada) and love them. I use them for my all my bunnies and cat. It’s very easy to clean, cheap and does not smell!
  14. Kleb06

    My controversial bonding success story!

    Hi Peanutsplace. My story is almost exactly like yours. My male is 6 months older than my female. He was neutered and a month later I got my ND baby ( I thought she was a boy until her spay) and it was love at first sight! They have been together for 9 months and it always melts my heart...
  15. Kleb06

    Put your funniest bunny pictures down below!

    Look at all those funny bunnies 🐰. They are so adorable even when they are being naughty. here’s my funny babies
  16. Kleb06

    Can you leave a bunny alone for a few hours after neutering?

    My male neutered was extremely easy compared to my female. He would have been fine for a few hours after by himself however I certainly understand not wanting to leave him alone. just a suggestion- do you have a blink camera or something similar? Whenever I need to leave I plug it in and I...
  17. Kleb06

    Nutrition after Spay

    This is a better pic of their setup. They are together until he tries any funny business. I close the gate in between at night and can open his side(left) so he can free roam during the day
  18. Kleb06

    Nutrition after Spay

    Me too. I’m only letting her out of the pen for 20 min maybe 2-3 times a day otherwise she will be in there for a few more days. They both are only in there during the night as I have a cat and don’t feel comfortable when I cannot supervise them. For right now she is in the same pen with a...
  19. Kleb06

    Nutrition after Spay

    Thank you so much for all this info! I tried critical car one more time and she tried attacking me and was biting everything she could. I just put her on the floor. I let her check out her normal space and her bf. ( I put a divider in a big x pen so they were together but desperate). They...
  20. Kleb06

    Nutrition after Spay