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  1. cuhurun

    Recurring Head Tilt

    Three weeks ago one of my girls developed e-cuniculi and was rolling her eyes, staggering in tight circles and beginning to tilt her head. I took her to the vet the following morning and the vet gave her drops of antibiotics directly into her ears, rather than orally. I followed this up by...
  2. cuhurun

    Flemish Giant Babies (growth progress) - Cuteness Overload (Eyes starting to open)

    They're absolutely amazingly beautiful. It's been three years since I had the pleasure of watching my little Netherlands x NZ White kits grow. Treasure every moment of it !
  3. cuhurun

    Share your bunnies!

    The top photo is Tiny, my two year old Netherlands dwarf. And the second is Tiny holding hands with his year and a half old girlfriend, Snowdrop... they're completely inseparable as they love each other so much and also have 5 amazing children, 3 boys and 2 girls. Although they spend a lot of...
  4. cuhurun

    Very young rabbits suffering from snuffles...

    Thank you all for your replies, all information which might help my Snuggles bun is greatly appreciated. Firstly, John. Thanks for the heads-up on the differences between snuffles and URI's, that's new info for me and a point I shall certainly be looking into. I should point out that I haven't...
  5. cuhurun

    Freddy you are so missed

    Sandra. Very sorry to hear of your loss, I understand how very much these beautiful little creatures become part of our heart and soul. Please accept my deepest condolences.
  6. cuhurun

    Very young rabbits suffering from snuffles...

    Hello all. Could someone please give me some advise on treating a very young rabbit who's suffering from snuffles. I rescued this little thing which I've named 'Snuggles', along with a larger or slightly older bunny, Jessie, around a month ago, and very soon became aware of the little one's...
  7. cuhurun

    Something wrong with the eye

    Hey again. You're absolutely right, it would be bad to take it away from her. If outdoors is where she's happiest it also will be the place she gets better the quickest. I know what it's like to try getting them to settle indoors, and not destroy the house in the process. My little family of...
  8. cuhurun

    Something wrong with the eye

    The tremors in her back legs would seem to further indicate the presence of E. cuniculi, the reason being it's a protozoa which infects the central nervous system. I'm sure the vet will work things out for you, I very much hope so. If she's comfortable with domestic living, and if it's at all...
  9. cuhurun

    Something wrong with the eye

    Hi Hermelin. Looks like it might be an infection, possibly the E. cuniculi protozoa microorganism. Getting her to that appointment you've made at the vet tomorrow is the right thing to do.
  10. cuhurun

    What does rabbit dream of?

    I'm sure my seven rabbits dream of meadows, dreams of beautiful, fresh, bright yellow Dandelions with amazingly succulent long leaves ! Their legs often jerk and twitch, and their noses twitch... and they even chew contentedly whilst asleep, too.