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    Nutrition during molting,

    My mini Holland Lop is molting. Is there anything I should add or eliminate from his diet to help him along? How long does this last? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    what pellets do you recommend?

    Thank you JBun, Fuzzy Bunny pH, and Button. This makes me feel better!
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    what pellets do you recommend?

    Thank you. Yes I am gradually switching as Button described. Appreciate the advice.
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    what pellets do you recommend?

    The links are great, thanks for posting! I thought I was doing a good thing by switching from Oxbow Garden Selects to Sherwood. But bot brands seem to be red is a few places! I don't think I can get the ones that are fully green. So how do I make up for the deficiencies? Do you have a link...
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    Rabbit with broken leg. In a big dilemma.

    Yes the bones will heal and create what vets call a "false joint". Hard to know if the middle one will. There really isn't any other way. My bun fractured his right hind leg -by the time I had him, the injury was already more than 6 weeks old (poor thing spent 6 weeks with no vet visit or pain...
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    Is this normal?

    Mites are microscopic so difficult to see with just your eyes. Call the vet if you aren't sure. The vet would be the best source of medical information.
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    Offically 6 months

    Sounds great, thanks Odyssey!
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    Offically 6 months

    Thanks Odyssey. I meant would you feed a whole cup of an herb? Or would you feed a variety in one serving? I hope I am making sense.
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    Offically 6 months

    So if your feeding basil, dandelion, cilantro or parsley, would you feed a cup per 2 lb body weight? I guess I don't eat herbs like that so it is hard to imagine.
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    "Hey, that's rude." *thumps*

    That is hilarious! My Chea Bun doesn't even let me put the pellets down. And he found a pumpkin seed that he loved. I took it from him then he bit me thinking my finger was the seed. The rabbitude!
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    I'm new to being a bunny mummy

    Yes that photo was taken when I got him home from the previous owner who had put a carrot, some hay and a crapload of parsley in the box. But thanks for the advice!
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    I'm new to being a bunny mummy

    Thank you! Yes I am planning to cover the ramps with something. But thanks for the info!
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    I'm new to being a bunny mummy

    Here are some photos.
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    I'm new to being a bunny mummy

    Hello everyone! I am new to owning a bunny. Well, I did have a bunny a long time ago but it has been so long, I may as well be a new bunny mummy. My bun was signed over to me as he had fractured his left hind leg a few weeks ago and his previous owner didn't want to do anything about it. His...
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    What is the best safest rabbit litter?

    Thank you so much for the detailed information! Good to know!
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    What is the best safest rabbit litter?

    I thought pine was a no-no due to the scent? Just from what I have read, I am no where near knowledgeable.
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    Need Help Deciding On Which NIC Cube Set To Get - Zip Ties Etc.

    Odyssey, when you say the plastic ones, do you mean like this? This is what I have, though I just purchased some of the wire ones to add to the set up.
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    Greens and calcium

    Thank you odyssey. My bun may be only 6 or 7 weeks, maybe older? I probably shouldn't have fed any lettuce since I don't know when he was weaned off mom's milk. (I'm not original owner). I took on this little guy suddenly due to an urgent situation so I am trying to learn quickly! The vet said...
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    Bun bun turning 6 months...starting salad?

    Thank you odyssey and Blue Eyes! I am really not sure how old my bunny is.... took over ownership as bunny fractured his leg and previous owner was not going to do anything. The vet said the injury is older than 5 weeks but I thought he was 5 weeks old.