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    Best greens to give bunny?

    I’m wondering what everyone’s go to staple veggies are to give their bunny! I want to change up my buns diet and find something healthy for her to have everyday that she enjoys!
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    Share your bunnies!

    This is my 9 month holland lop, Basil!
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    Holland lop life expectancy

    I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews on how long holland looks live for ranging from 5-10 years and I’m just wondering if anyone knows the actually average number as that seems to be quite a range. My little lop is just under 5 pounds and I’m really curious as to what the average life expectancy is...
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    Hardwood Floors

    My bunny absolutely hates hardwood floors and I’ve tried her on them a few times but she freaks out and slides around terrified. I have payed blankets down but they are such a pain as they never stay put. I used to have a carpet but she would eat it so I had to take it out. I was thinking carpet...
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