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    Another reason not to like PETA :(
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    Need help please !

    I know I haven't been active in quite awhile,but a bad situation has come up where any help my Dad can get would befantastic. His favorite dog, Lady, has somehow someway severely injuredherself. Herr prognosis is not good. She is in need of a $2000 surgeryto repair her back ASAP or she will have...
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    Just a friendly reminder

    Many new members may not know of it and sometimes current members just a need a little reminder :) At the top of the forum there is a search feature where you can searchon any kind of topic possible and will find an answer for it. With over2000 members you can bet its been asked before! So I...
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    Check it out, Check it out..

    ...courtesy of Leith Petworks took 10 minutes to assemble and I am throughly impressed with the cage! and they love it..
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    How much brushing...

    Soo my lil onesmoult ..which is nobiggie ..but for whatever reason its a HUGE moult...I spent a good 30minutes oneach rabbit and the amount of fur coming off wasn'tbecoming less. I use a fine toothed wireslicker on them. I know they havesensitive skin soat what point does the brushing...
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    Happy New Year RO!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Tiffany, Freddy and Vicky
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    Getting Rabbit to Eat

    Okay so anyone who has treated a sick kid knowsits heck to get them to eat good food, but as soon as you offersomething like a cookie they'll scarf they down no problem. I was wondering if you could use that same principle when trying to getsick rabbits to eat. Like when these two got fixed...
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    New Litter Results

    First I have to apologize to all you Woody Pet deveotee's out there.. I recently bought Exquisicat Pine litter from PetSmart. I've been usingit for a couple days now and I absolutely LOVE it! It compressed pinepellets with the oils removed. Woody Pet I had to change every other day or it...
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    well... I just went to dress Freddy in his Santasuit and noticed blood on his man part (not his testicles..and it wasntthere last night) I examined and it actually looks like he tore his penis. I dont exactlyknow rabbit anatomy, but from the tip straight down the middle, it issplit about 2-3...
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    OT: Personal Accomplishment

    Yaaaaaaaaay! I just submitted my last exam and Iam officially done with my B.S. of Science ! I officially graduate onJanuary 22nd. I am so excited and nervous at the same time to be doneand moving on to something new. I am now in the process of applying toPhD programs, so everyone cross your...
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    Past and Present

    I was looking through photographs of the bunniestonight, and I caught two pairs of photos from when Freddy was a babyand current Freddy and they are almost the same identical poses! Doesanyone else have pictures like this too? If so please share :) Past Present Past: Present:
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    Freddy's big day tomorrow..

    Freddy's going in for his neuter tmrw! I know he'll be fine, but I cant help but be nervous ! Poor guy is all flopped out right now and has no idea what coming tmrw lol...
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    Rabbit spraying vs. spraying water

    I use a water bottle to spritz either of thebunnies if I find them doing something naughty...I also found that ifFreddy feels rather angered by me spritzing him, he sprays back. I also took notice that he didn't start spraying me, until I decided to start spritzing them as a disciplinary...
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    Illness and Ailments of Rabbits

    Okay so in lieu of the several injuries, sickness etc. that we have all read about on the board, I think it would be great for everyone to make a post about any medical problems they have encountered with their rabbit(s). I know it's possible to go searching for everything in the archives, but...
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    Cute Bunny Welcome Sign
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    O/T Car Accident

    Around 1am tonight I heard a loud crash outside.. I thought a piece of the addition we are building had fallen down onour front lawn...I was VERY wrong ...a girl had been comingaround the corner at what must have been very high speed and hit andknocked a fire hydrant, flipped her car and skidded...
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    Spay Time

    Just got home from dropping her off ..she shouldbe out by 2pm and then i get to pick her up at 6:30 .. updates will bearound then sometime.. ...eheh my poor lil baby is gonna be all dopey when I get her.. theygive her a pain managementshot right before she leaves... :pray:
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    giving pills gently question

    Okay, so vicky is going in for her spay onmonday and I am assuming they are going to provide painkillers for her.I did a lil search on pill giving to bunnies and the best thing i foundwas how Carolyn administered pills to her buns. Carolyn you said that you just pop the pill behind their front...
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    I need a favor please :)

    1st wanted to apologize for the lack of my being here .. ive been nuts with work n school etc ..i need a break already LOL anyhow I am putting a presentation together about Chimeras and ifanyone has a photo of their rabbit that has different colored eyes,maybe one blue one brown or one eye may...
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    Swiffer ingredients

    Just wanted to a make a quick post aboutsomething my mom told me. Someone she knows dog's died recently. Theycouldn't think what the heck it could have been b/c the dog was youngand in good health. It turns out the dog was slowly being poisoned bythe swiffer things the lady used to clean her...