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    What does your Dutch weigh?

    I am so nervous! Shorty (my overweight couch potato bun) has his 'diet' vet appointment tomorrow. I swear I think he weighs 7 pounds!:shock: His sister proably weighs about 4 pounds. I am scared my vet will think I am a bad bunny mum. So let's hear it, how much does your dutch weigh?
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    Traveling to the Vet

    In regards to a visit to the vet's office, is it true I should not separate two bonded partners? Shorty has an appointment to discuss his overeating and weight problem with the doctor. I read somewhere that two bonded partners should never be separated even for trips to the vet. I guess my...
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    Anal Scent Glands

    I finally had the pleasure of cleaning Shorty's scent glands.:X I do believe I might be scarred for life. Cannot get the smell out of my nose. Nor can I get the look on his face out of my mind... Anyhoo...can anyone explain why he needed his glands cleaned and his sister's scent glandslook...
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    Clicker Training For Bunnies

    [line] [line] There are rabbit rescue organizations and rabbit clubs and schools. One rabbit club in Canada meets once a week to practice agility and hurdle racing. The rabbits can play together and the owners can get new ideas for behaviors and tricks from each other. This season's...
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    Oat, Wheat & Barley Hay

    What is your opinion on Oat, Wheat &Barley Hay? It looks good with 32% fiber. Anyoneever given this to their buns?
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    Planting a garden

    Regarding planting veggies or grass in thebunnies' run, what do you think? I'd love to be able to planta large area of grasses and veggies outside and move the run around sothe buns will have access to the gardens. Is this a badidea? Would they eat too much and make themselvessick? Are rabbits...
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    I have read somewhere you can put a dab ofvaseline on the tip of a rabbit's nose, they will try to clean it off,digest it, and it should help them pass fur. True?
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    Is it true?

    Is it true veggies are higher in calories thanpellets??!! :( I was thinking I was doing my chubbybun a favor by giving him more fresh veggies and giving lesspellets? Did I do wrong?? :(
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    Night Poops

    I've done several searches, forgive me because I know it is RIGHT under my nose. :D What are the bunch of grapes looking poops called? Are they cetroscopes? :? Well, anyhoo, what does it mean when the buns are not eating them? Thank you Hugs!
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    Boarding Bunnies

    Can anyone give me details on boardingbunnies? Perhaps it depends on the facility that is doing theboarding, but will they excerise the buns? Feed them freshgreens and handle them daily? That is if the greens, hay andpellets are supplied?
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    Hay Cubes...?

    Can anyone kindly share their thoughts on haycubes? I did a search and found a few replies about haycubes, and heard it is good for teeth. Are hay cubes alsogood for a source of fiber? Pam, I believe you've mentioned that you don't feed hay. Do you use cubes? Also, trying to cut calories from...
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    Diet Results?

    How soon after a bun is put on a diet will one begin to see changes in weight and amount of moulting?
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    Rabbit's Foot

    Rabbit's Foot Rabbits and hares were considered very lucky animals asthey were associated with spring and the return of flowers and otherplants. Spring was also a time of fertility and so rabbits wereconsidered good luck to be seen running through the fields. To see arabbit running through your...
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    Trimming Hair On Bun's Feet

    Is it ok to trim the hair on my bunny'sfeet? Shorty has some mud caked on the bottom of hisfeet. And the fur is very coarse. Can I clip itout, or should I wash him? The dry chunks of mud happen each time he is outside. Is hisfoot hair too long? That never happens to Star....?
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    Keeping Dander Down?

    Any suggestions on how to keep dander fromrabbits down? I think I have been feeling very sensitive tomy rabbits as of late.
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    Formula To Switch Pellets...

    What is the proper way to change the kind ofpellets my buns are eating? I am going to switch to TimothyHay based pellets. Say for example, would I mix 1/8 of a cupof the new pellet with 1/4 of a cup of the current pellet? Also, anyone notice that Timothy Hay products, pellets, hay cubes and hay...
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    I Got Attacked For The First Time

    Shorty attacked me last night! He waslounging in his Condo and his sister was out and about running aroundmy room. I wanted to clean the cage (the cage door was open)and I reached in talking to him in my goofy voice I always use withthem. He was open to my head/nose stroking and he made hishappy...
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    When do females develop their dewlap?
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    Do YOUR Buns Do this?

    Do your buns put their toys in their fooddishes? They will throw their keys into their veggiedish. Put their slinky in their hay dish. Theythrow their bark bites into their pellet bowl. Why?Are they sharing their food with their toys??
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    Shorty & Star

    Please forgive me if I do this incorrectly. My first time posting pics. This is Shorty and Star. Star is on the left and Shorty to the right. They were about 4 months old here. This is Shorty after digging a darn burrow in my mom'sgarden. He looks TICKED about playtime being cutshort. Look at...