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    Horrible abuse case in Michigan!

    I am crying...the CritterCafe Rescue in Muskegon, MI just got 10 rabbits that had their ears cut off. I can't believe it! I don't know if they will be able to be adopted or what will happen, but if they get well enough to be adopted, they will definitely need homes. I just donated some money...
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    2 bonded bunnies need home in Michigan

    Hi, I have 2 bunnies. I live in Grand Rapids. One is a fixed male lionhead mix. He is 3 pounds. The other is a fixed female netherland dwarf, also 3 pounds. They are 2 years old, and are very nice. They never bite. They are bonded so I don't want to split them up. They come when they are called...
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    Bonded for a year and fighting!

    Hello, my fixed male and female have been bonded for about a year. For the past three days everytime I have let them out of their cage for exercise they start fighting and ripping each other's hair out. They don't do this inside the cage; they groom each other and get along fine. It is only when...
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    Snuffy won't stop peeing!

    Okay, Snuffy is almost two and is a spayed Netherland Dwarf who never used to pee outside the litter box. She is bonded to a fixed male rabbit. I also have another bonded pair. Lately I have been noticing that Snuffy has been peeing right outside the litter box that's in the play area (not in...
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    Meaner after neutering!

    Hello, I have a dwarf hotot buck who is one year and two months old. He was neutered when he was 4 and a half months old. Prior to the neutering, he was a doll! He would lick everyone and sometimes he would sit and lick my feet for 5 minutes straight. After he was neutered he started to get...
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    How do you deal with one bunny who eats her share of greens and then eats her companion's greens before he can finish them? Grrr - I don't want her to get sick from too many greens at once and I don't want him to get sick from not enough! She will just keep eating and eating, but he prefers to...
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    How to tell rabbit's poops apart

    Hello, I have four rabbits, two are bonded and live together and so do the other two. How can you tell the rabbit's poops apart? I have found some strung together with hair but am not sure who they belong to. I can't watch the buns 24/7 to see who pooped hairy poops in the litter box, so what...
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    Sometimes I have caught my bunnies chewing at the carpet. Is there any way to discourage this so they don't get a blockage?
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    Small poops

    Hello, I went on vacation for a week and left my 4 bunnies with my mom, she had specific instructions but did not read the emergencies section I gave her (grrrr) which listed small poops as a sign of GI Stasis. When I got home I noticed that Fluffy had really small poops. My mom said he didn't...
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    Keeping hay off the floor

    How does everyone keep hay off their floor? When it does get on the floor, what do you use to clean it up? A carpet sweeper, vacuum without a hose (it clogs my vacuum hose!)? Any help is appreciated!
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    Bunny birthdays!

    Tomorrow is Snuffy's 1st birthday, and I want to do something special for her! Any ideas?
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    Poop strung together with hair

    Hello, my rabbit's poop is strung together with hair. She is eating fine and is running around and acting normal. It has been like that for a while. Should I be concerned?
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    Bonded and fighting - help!

    Will a bonded pair ever fight to the death? I came home and found fur everywhere, but the buns acted as if nothing happened. I got a buck to keep my doe company when I'm gone but now I'm afraid to leave :( If he ever seriously injures her I don't know what I'd do...
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    Rebonding after spay

    If a 3 month old unspayed doe is bonded to a neutered buck, will they need to be rebonded after she is spayed (when she is old enough)because her scent will be different? Should they be kept apart for 3 weeks so he doesn't hurt her?
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    Bonded pair - mounting

    It took my doe and buck about two and a half months to bond - and they've been living together for about a week now. Sometimes I catch my buck mounting my doe, and she is not happy about it. She has already established herself as dominant. I moved to a new apartment - could this be why? I...
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    Baby bunny excess cecotropes

    I got an 11 week old ND baby yesterday, and she has been adapting very well to her new home. However, since this morning I have noticed at least 6 clumps of uneaten cecotropes. Should I be worried, or is it just because of the move? Thanks!
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    Bonded Pair Fighting?

    Hello, I thought my rabbits were getting along fabously for the past three weeks in neutral terrority - grooming, cuddling, eating together, etc. I've been leaving them alone but then I caught them fighting today! Usually the buck doesn't want to and runs away - but he was attacking, too. Does...
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    Bonded Pair

    I am confused when websites say, "NEVER separate a bonded pair." I totally understand how they both need to go to the vet at the same time, but isn't it impossible to never separate them? How do you clip one of the buns nails while you have them both together? I just don't understand how they...
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    Bonding bunnies

    My doe has started to groom my buck's face relentlessly - but if he moves a certain way, she will growl and try to bite him. Is she acting terroritorial, or is she scared of him?