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    Rabbit Walking Stick

    You can get it at
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    iPod Craze

    I'm on iPod number FOUR. Those things have a lifespan of six-eight months. The crummy thing about it is that I have an older generation iPod and Apple keeps sending me the same one. My warranty ends next year, so I'll be taking advantage until then. Not only are humans obsessed with it, so...
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    Fire Escape Plan

    I tried to search for a similar existing threadon the forum, but couldn't find one. Do you have a fire escape plan foryour bunnies and pets? I've been thinking about this lately due to recent news of homescatching fire. I know if I release my dogs, they'll run outside, but asfor my rabbits...
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    College Final Exams

    Today was my last day of the horrible finalexams! I am so glad I don't have to deal with them for anothersemester. My professors didn't suprise me with any BS questions so thatwas good. I think I did pretty well over all. Anyone else done or almost done with finals? I'm FREE!!!!!!:colors:
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    New Oxbow Bag

    I just picked up a bag of Oxbow Bunny Basics Tand it's in a new package. It's bright red with an illustrated bunny onit. Is the formula different? Are the other Oxbow feed in differentpackages too?
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    Substitute for Timothy Hay

    My dad recently took an allergy test to find outwhat he has been so allergic to. Before he took the test, we alreadyknew he was highly allergic to cats; he would break out into hives andswell. Well, the results show that he is even MORE allergic to timothy!I've been keeping the timothy hay out...
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    Cute winter bun wear

    I've been trying to add the picture of it, butit's not working. Click the link below to see the pic anddescription. Jeremy Fish presents 'Silly Pink Bunny' hat/scarf set
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    Bunny pseudoparasite found in dog stool

    This past Tuesday, my dog Biscuit had blood inhis stools. I thought he had another case of colitis (inflammation ofthe colon), but there was more blood in it than last time. Thishappened on Tuesday and Wednesday. After, that he was finebutI still scheduled an appointment for him, Friday being...
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    Bunny life spans

    I apologize if there's already a thread aboutthis, but I did a search and couldn't find the answers I was seeking. Ihave heard of bunnies living for less than a year to ten years. I wouldlike my girls to live long and healthy lives. I know intenstineblockage is very common,so mygirls get a hay...
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    How did you get here?

    Just a curious question; how did you find this forum? My answer: Myspace (I'm such a loser. **Bunnies are Awesome** member)
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    The Vendetta and Charlotte Thread

    So I finally got a digital camera of my own,instead of borrowing my boyfriend's. (I'm in love! It's a Canon ElphSD400. I got it on ebay for a great price!) This will be a thread toshare pictures, stories, and for me to ask questions about theirsometime quirky behaviors. Charlotte striking a...
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    Buns and Vets

    I often read people take their bunnies to thevets', but how often should you take them? Do rabbits need vaccinations(Hawaii is rabies-free.) My girls had only seen the vet at the humanesociety where I got them from.
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    I feared this day would come

    Vendetta and Charlotte are sisters... or arethey? Yesterday morning, I saw Vendetta chasing after Charlotte, thenmount her. I have seen only Vendetta chasing after Charlotte. Is itpossible Vendetta is a buck? They are six months old and are not fixedyet. I have to schedule an appointment for...
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    I know this is a rabbit forum, but there issomething I need to get off my chest. Earlier this evening, my guineapig, Sputnik passed away. While he was in my boyfriend's backyard, heran away. After my boyfriend searched for an hour, he found Sputty inhis neighbor's yard, lying down and not...
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    Scared bunnies

    About two months ago, I adopted two bunny sistersfrom the humane society. They are both four months old. I knew it wouldtake some time for them to get used to their new home but it hasbeennearly two months and they are still afraid of humans. Ithought they would be fine with people around since...