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    They Are Officially Bonded!!! :)

    well done thats great news!!!
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    Extremely mad at my bunnies

    i hope your headphones get repaired ok, aww shows how much everyone here loves their pets as they take the blame instead. <3
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    @grace - it was hailing here yesterday too , scared my dogs, then one of them tried to eat it off the ground :s @suzette - oh no i havent even thought of christmas shopping yet :/
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    It's already winter and getting so dark around late afternoon here. In addition to this I find myself getting tired earlier, probabley due to the fact you cant do much outdoors in this miserable, cold, dark weather. I do love snuggling on the sofa in winter on the other hand :) Cant wait to...
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    Just an update on my bunnies with pics :)

    Gorgeous bunnies and dogs :) buckleys grumpy face is adorable
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    Thank you, im glad to be here
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    thank you :)
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    aww that sounds adorable . you are very lucky they get along so well :) Hello, larry is it?
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    thank you jennifer amber - i wish my dogs would be that laid back, the older one im sure would be fine but the jack russell on the other hand, i wouldnt like to even risk that situation. shes got a very strong hunting instinct in her. (i know all jack russells do, but she shows it more than...
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    Hello to everyone at rabbits online :) I have been reading and using this site for quite a while now and finally decided to join the fun. I currently own two dogs, one being a hyperactive jack russell making it impossible to have a rabbit at present plus we are in the process of moving house...