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    Are my rabbit's teeth ok? + buzzing noise

    Yes she is spayed. It only seems to happen when she is laying down or "loading". I don't think it's breathing issues and it could be teeth grinding but it's noticeably louder, unlike teeth purring when I pet her. Could it just be that she's having a good dream? Or maybe undiagnosed teeth or...
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    Are my rabbit's teeth ok? + buzzing noise

    Alright, they have a checkup due anyways so I'll get them seen soon. Quick follow up question about the buzzing : she is laying down when she buzzes and she seems half asleep in loaf position, so I'm not sure why she's doing this. We have another male bun (neutered) that came with her. They have...
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    Are my rabbit's teeth ok? + buzzing noise

    Hi all! My little Coco has been with us for a little less than 6th months now. She's a 2 year old lionhead x rex. I usually check her teeth once every few weeks, but I noticed her nose was wet today. I also noticed that she's been making a "buzzing sound" these past few days. I don't think...