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    Rex or Mini Rex?

    Is that a white triangle on the tip of her nose? If it is, that would indicate that she's VM. Only the minis have Blue-Eyed White as an accepted color, so it's very probable that she's a "mini" rex that missed out on the dwarf gene (thus the larger size). However, there are standard rex...
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    Chinchilla and Squirrel

    Does anyone have any pictures of a squirrel-colored rabbit? I'd REALLY like to see one that's a rex or mini rex, but since they're not an accepted variety, I don't imagine there are too many out there. It would especially awesome if it's of one that's squirrel next to on that's chinchilla...
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    Wideband Castor

    Here's a picture of a wideband castor kit (ww). These are pretty common from castor/red crosses (in this case the castor was a REW). This little guy has the blue-grey undercolor throughout, and you can see the grey around his hips (not solid like a tort would be). There is a little bit of...
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    Breeding Tri-Color to Orange

    Tri is actually dominant to orange. So if the tri doesn't carry orange, you'll actually get litters of all harlis and tris.
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    question for all of you rabbitry owners,

    Making pedigrees for your babies is pretty easy. You could buy pedigree books (ARBA has 20-page books of them, and I've seen some equipment sellers having them), which you would fill out by hand (can make quite the hand cramp if you have to do a bunch at a time). Or, you can make a template to...
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    Is it still stuck in her fur? You may just have to pin her and remove it. If you're worried about hurting her by pulling it off, you could just trim it out with scissors. To make pinning her easier, you might take a towel or a small blanket to kind of herd her into a corner of her cage...
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    New and have alot of questions!

    Sounds like everyone's covered all your questions. I would add that since you're doing it for 4-H and FFA, make sure you keep REALLY detailed financial records and breeding records. Keeping receipts is a good idea. I used my rabbits for my SAE project in FFA and got my State Degree with...
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    Remedy for diarrhea

    Yogurt does help with diarrhea a lot of times, if it's not caused by a serious bug (like enteritis). Something in the dairy products (the protein maybe?) is a stool hardener (if you eat too much cheese, you'll get constipated). On the other side of the coin is fiber, which is a large part of...
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    Every rabbit sheds different. I have one doe right now who's blowing her coat, but most everyone else in the barn is done with their summer molt. Some rabbits shed in big clumps like that, and are usually done within a couple weeks, or a month at most. Others shed little bits for months on...
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    Rabbits and snow

    Honestly, a box of any size is ok for keeping him warm. It's only when you're giving a nestbox for kindling that size is really an issue. I use just regular straw that you get from the feed store (big bright yellow bale), and fill the box. Given the crops in the area, it's probably wheat...
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    Do Bunnys Scratch Alot

    For the ear thing, one of the tell-tale signs (at least in a non-lop) is airplane ear(s). Sometimes it's just genetics, but I still check. And look deep in the ear canal. I had one rabbit I could swear was fine when I looked in his ear that was lopping, but after a week or so it seemed the...
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    5 week old babies and food

    Babies can start eating pellets and hay as soon as they want to nibble at it (usually 2-3 weeks old). Honestly, I let my babies have fresh stuff, too--I've never had any problems. Some people would tell you to keep the fresh stuff away from them, but I think as long as you keep an eye on their...
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    Antler chew toys?

    If I remember correctly, antlers are made of the same thing bones are, in contrast to horns which are made of the same protein as fingernails and hair (keratin). I imagine it would be "safe" and maybe wild rabbits do chew on them, but I don't know how it would affect them nutritionally, since...
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    Changing the nesting box?

    At two weeks old they could be old enough to just leave the nest box all together. As long as their eyes are open and they're mobile, you could just take the nest box out. If not, just change the bedding, and pull it out after a couple more days. (Don't really need a nest box at all past the...
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    Question about wire flooring versus solid...

    I keep my rexes on wire floors with slatted resting boards. You just have to keep an eye on their feet for sore hocks because their fur is shorter and many also have thinner fur (a couple of my rex actually have the hardiest feet in my herd, though). As long as you keep an eye on the feet, the...
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    Building our own hutch - new to rabbits!

    Also avoid any pressure treated woods and chipboard. Natural boards are the best. Plywood can be used but isn't as good as boards.
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    6 month mark for our Flemish Giant - what do we start with?

    The guideline regarding 6 months refers to most bunnies, but since Flemish often keep growing until a year old, at best I would only suggest cutting down on the alfalfa--not completely limiting it. Same thing with the pellets. When he's done growing, he should probably get about 3/4 to 1 c. of...
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    Chipped Tooth.

    Just keep an eye on it to make sure the teeth are still wearing properly. If they start to get long or misaligned, you may need to trim all of them even.
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    What do you call this color or pattern?

    I don't think the color is smooth enough in the blue areas to be otter (would look self rather than agouti). You can see some lighter colors (mid ring) showing through, so I'd say Opal.
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    Name that colour?

    Looks blue to me.