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    Traumatic birth need advice asap

    My doe kindled June 6th. She had 4 kits. All 4 of them for stuck & were pulled out. Obviously non lived. This was her 3rd litter. The other 2 were successful with no deaths. My question is, how long should she be spotting blood. It is not a lot of blood & doesn't have an odor. None of my does...
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    6? week old kits-mom has another litter. HELP

    I have been contacted by a person that has a hoarding situation with rabbits. they are terribly neglected. The emergent situation is 3, 6 week(they think) old kits, whose mother just had another litter and is being aggressive to the older kits. Can I pull them out of moms cage and they will be...
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    Are Rex/Mini Rex rabbits hypoallergenic?

    I heard that they are? Is this true? My sister really wants a bunny, but she is allergic to my Lops & Lionheads.
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    My daughter fed our 8 week old bunnies cucumbers and carrots!

    She thought she was helping. She was giving treats to our older buns & then gave the tinies treats as well. Now 1 of them has an upset belly, pudding like poops. I took away pellets & put it on hay only & added some rolled oats. Is there anything else I can do to save this little one?
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    What are the odds of all males?

    I have 5 Holland lop kits. 6.5 weeks old. I attempted to sex them today and they all appear to be bucks. What are the odds of all of them actually being bucks? I have never sexed rabbits this young before. Is it harder than older rabbits?
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    fat rabbit? need advice

    I have a doe with 3.5 week old kits. She has a big ole fat belly, but i can very easily feel all her ribs, spine and hip bones, they feel sharp. So when I refer to the rabbit weight chart with the 1-5 scale; very thin-obese, i'm not sure where she falls. I'd say she's a 2, but has a big round...
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    Outdoor buns water source??

    I have 2 outside mini lops, 7 months & 9 months old. I live in a cold winter climate. It was 14* last night. Typically I will bring my rabbits in if it is below 20*. I was sick last night and asked my husband to bring my boys in. He forgot. :'( I ran out there this morning to check on them and...
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    Sexing 3 week old buns

    I've watched like 10 YouTube videos and gave it a go with my 3 week old litter. They make it look easy or i suck. They all look the same....i think, maybe? Haha. Is anybody able to sex at 3 weeks? Is it harder than it looks on YouTube?!
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    Any lionhead breeders?? Kit question

    My lionheads had a litter of 7 kits on the 18th of Oct. Why do some of the kits have fur all over and others do not? I know the black V means double manned, but does that mean the other kits are single manned? Or did their fur just come in
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    Rabbit food for young rabbits

    I feed Manna Pro to my adult rabbits. I have 12 kits in the nest box and need a young rabbit food. I cannot get Manna Pro GRO formula in my area without paying almost $20 to ship it. My nursing does HATE the oxbow young rabbit feed. Are there any recommendations on another young rabbit pellet food?
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    Suddenly spraying! Help!

    My sweet, loveable, cuddly buck is suddenly spraying when i go near him! He also keeps popping out his penis when i pick him up. WTH is his deal?! He never did this before. I realize neutering will help, but he is 7 months old and i figured he was past the puberty stage. He fathered kits a month...
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    Smaller kit-should i feed?

    I have 4 day old kits in the nest box. 1 of them looks a bit runty, he doesn't look as plump as his 4 siblings. Should i flip mama and let him nurse? Or supplement him? I included pics just because. Haha
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    Skinny doe

    My doe gave birth yesterday, and I noticed a week or so ago she was pretty boney. I would feel her shoulder blades, hip bones, spine, ribs all prominently. I have been feeding her unlimited pellets, grass hay, 1/4 cp oatmeal and she gets a large handful of greens daily. But she is not gaining...
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    We're ready for babies!

    Our Juliette is due anyday. Since she's an indoor bunny, i just stuck a tupperware box in her cage. I figured it was time since she started ripping the stuffing out of the back of my couch. (she came to me pregnant. So I'm winging it)
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    Is my lionhead a showable color?

    This is Lily, my daughters want to do 4-H next year and show her. But I'm unsure if she is an accepted color for lionheads. I know they have only been recently accepted as a showable breed and have some restrictions. I'm not even really sure what her color is classified as. Any input would be...
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    Possibly pregnant rabbit and biting

    We adopted a new rabbit about 3 weeks ago. She is about a year and a half. The 1st week we had her she was a little gem! Sweet and snuggley. The last 2 weeks she is biting the crap out of every living thing in my house! The dogs, the humans, she even tried to get the cat. I also think she is...