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    Scabs on rabbits back

    I noticed that my rabbit has been getting scabs on his back. While one is healing he gets another. I don't think this is mites because I've had an outbreak of fur mites a few years ago and this is different. The scabs are about a centimeter big and I think he's gotten 3 or 4 so far. What could...
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    Would my rabbit get pregnant

    Okay, so let me try to make this short. Im NOT trying to breed. I have two rabbits, one male and one female. They both live outside in separate large hutches. Neither are fixed. I was never able to get them fixed due to some reasons I won't get into right now. Anyways, I really really wish I...
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    Lumps on rabbit

    Today I came to my rabbit and he was not active and just laying in the corner when usually he is very active and hyper. He has had GI stasis a few times but has recovered with baby simethicone so I gave him some just to be safe but I dont know if that's the problem this time. I picked him up and...