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    celebrating a looooong marriage

    A relative by marriage just died. She & my relative married in the spring of 1939, yes, over 70 years ago. He survives. Can you imagine!!
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    Honey, me, & the President

    Monday Honey & I took the train back from the small lake where she's been since spring tp my Chicago condo. From door to door it was a little over a 3-hr trip. She spent about 24 hrs being mad t me & pretty much staying in her hide box except for leaving poops around her xpen. Then Tues AM I...
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    blokd digg-hyde boxx

    2 day SHE blokd mi digg-hyde boxx. b4 SHE coverd digg stuf with card bourd sewd I digg know moore. Noww thiss. Y? O: That's really not how it happened. First, about a week ago Honey started using her dig & hide box as a litter box. I didn't know this at first & was afraid she had a blockage...
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    Lucile Moore's revised nutrition book

    I just learned that a new edition of Lucile Moore's book Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing will be coming out in early 2013, again with illustrations by Yvonne Vey. It sounds like it will be even better than the 1st edition. So I thought I'd pass along the information.
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    genealogy [family history]

    From time to time I've worked on my family genealogy. Now is a good time to do so, as the 1940 US Census is indexed & available for free on I think I & other relatives have gone back about as far as we can reasonably go, so I've been finding descendants of various relatives. So...
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    leaf mi hairrs a loan

    Y SHE not leaf mi hairrs a loan? SHE says I yam sheddng, so SHE haz too re move dem. I say SHE cann leaf dem a loan. It tickls & may be herts sum wen SHE getts outt. :X :bawl::run::hiding::bunnybutt::grumpy:
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    your Olympic sport?

    If you were to be in the Olympics, what would your sport be? It would be hard to determine mine, ever if I were the right age for it. First, all the outdoor sports would be out, as I can't stand heat. I realize that hasn't been a problem in London, but training would have been in the heat. In...
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    herb list from Rabbit Health in the 21st Century

    >>>>> READ THESE NOTES BEFORE GOING TO THE LIST OF HERBS <<<<< Herbal does NOT necessarily imply mild, that it can't hurt, etc. The list below is taken from RABBIT HEALTH IN THE 21st CENTURY, 2nd ed. The symbol e in front of the herb name means that it's a plant that most rabbits are willing...
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    become the 15,000th member

    I see RO is only a few members from having 15,000. Why don't you join us now. There could be special recognition if you are, I don't know.
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    custom-made WIPES

    I found a site to make your own wipes, which you can custom make. I made some vinegar wipes [which don't exist commercially that I know of] & you can make unscented baby wipes, plus ones for people too [that sounds like I'm saying babies aren't people, lol] such as for sunscreen, insect...
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    One foot in 1850s America

    I found this interesting & you may too. A south-central Michigan family with 4 young kids is growing & getting food locally & canning it etc for the winter. Lots of comparisons between 1850s & life today. The blog is at Then in early 2013 the family's work is taking...
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    Mi hom haz ben turnd sighed-weighz

    :? How wood she liek it if she wuz inn hur pen & when she went hom a windo wuz abov wear the dor uset too bee? HUNIE Stop complaining, Honey. You were throwing all the things you were digging in your box & it was going into your litter box. Now it can't. Besides, now you can make that 2nd floor...
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    adding climbin & increasing chewing in an xpen: Honey's Habitat

    Not content with having Honey's cardboard hide box in her dig box, I wanted to increase her cardboard chewing opportunities & add climbing without reducing the space in her pen for running etc. I call the result Honey's Habitat. The structure is made from metal grates fastened together with zip...
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    new things you've tried; how well did they work?

    Here's something I tried & it worked great: :weee: I needed a tile to help keep Honey cool. I ran into the problem that other people have had: it's difficult if not impossible to find a way to buy only 1-2 tiles. Then I realized that it didn't have to be a tile, anything ceramic that was close...
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    If you have a disabled rabbit

    I came across this site with good information for those with a disabled rabbit: I hope this helps somebunnies.
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    KY derby

    For some reason I'm interested in thoroughbred racing, though I'm neither a betting person nor a horse person. Anyway, I thought I'd start the topic. You sure can get a lot of information about the 20 horses, their trainers, jockeys, & owners from the internet, like at The...
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    Friday the 13th

    Just touch a rabbit [not necessarily on the foot] & your day won't be unlucky.
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    home-made carrier worked great on my train trip

    I wanted to report how well my home-made carrier for Honey worked on the train trip from my small Chicago condo to my somewhat larger but not palatial summer home near a small lake [hence I'm LakeCondo]. The trip is about 3 1/2 hours in total, with a 2-2 1/2 hr train trip & 1-1 1/2 hour walking...
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    left condo, at lake

    This morning Honey & I took a 2-hr train trip from my condo in Chicago to my summer home near a small lake. Honey did quite well in her carrier, especially once we got on the train. Yesterday I got her nails trimmed at the vet's, so she wasn't happy to get into the carrier again so soon. And I...