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    Preparing for first winter with bunny

    Hi All I’m looking to prep for the wet weather followed by cold winter in the U.K. as this will be my first one having Daisy Mae and her first winter too. she’s currently outside in a double hutch with a run on the grass and I’m planning on converting a spare shed into her autumn/ winter home...
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    My first 4 months with Daisy Mae

    Morning All As a new bunny mum, I thought I’d share my first 4 months of learns and thoughts. Firstly I’d say this forum is so helpful for little questions that come up. Daisy Mae was 9 weeks when I had her from my cousins farm, I just fell in love with her. I was worried about her non stop...
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    Emeprid advice

    Hi My nearly 12 week bunny has been a bit weird with her toilet habits the last few days and want to know if I’m just overreacting 🤦🏼‍♀️ I gave Daisy some different food on weds night / Thursday morning (this is the only different thing I can think of) Only a little with her normal stuff...
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    Meet Daisy Mae

    Hi All I’ve had Daisy Mae nearly 4 weeks now and I’m in love with her. I haven’t had a rabbit since I was about 10 so it’s a new and I know this forum will help me lots. Just had a scare of her not being well but fingers crossed the vet has got her on the road to recovery! Daisy Mae will be...