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    Netherland dwarf bunny has what feels like a tumor

    My netherland dwarf seems to have gained a little bit of weight and she is with other boys so I was thinking she could be pregnant but she has been like this for over a month and I dont think she is pregnant right below her rib cage I felt a pretty big bump and it is in the inside it doesnt look...
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    I’m getting a baby chick is this decision stupid?

    I’m getting a baby chick without my mom knowing actually two this is a impulse buy that idk what I’m doing im gonna keep them in my room? Oh geez should I really do it?
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    Put your funniest bunny pictures down below!

    Sometimes you catch ur bunnies at there funniest moments😂 show me all ur funny bunny moments!
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    EMERGENCY -mark/injury(?) on skin

    Found this on my bunny why grooming today do not have enough money for a vet plz tell me what it is
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    I have a female rabbit who seems to be shedding more than the males is there a problem or is it genetics?