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  1. Scarly

    Moving Home Tips

    We recently did a big move and set our bund up in one room s couple days early and nothing went in or out of that room other than us. Provide lots of hiding houses Im sure they will do great. I think it’s a good idea to take them early but I wouldn’t move them back and forth.
  2. Scarly

    How do you clean bunny’s toys....

    Once a week throw all the pet toys in the dishwasher with out soap and just a cup of vinegar
  3. Scarly

    Need advice don’t know if I’m in the right category

    Maybe Spinabifida. I know rabbits can get it. I have it as a human lol and it’s a similar idea. I would keep an eye on the kit and see if it’s able to walk properly. Here’s a forum that mentions a similar occurance.
  4. Scarly

    Safe rugs for rabbits.

    Both my buns are chewers and the only rug I have found that they don't chew is a kids play mat from Ikea. It also has rubber on the bottom so it contains water bowl spills and pee if ever they have an accident. Easy to clean also :) I just clean with vinegar and put it out in the sun to dry...
  5. Scarly

    Asking if it's true...

    It’s a little hard to tell from your photo but is your bunny mixed with a Mini Rex? Our mini Rex looses the fur at the base of her neck a couple times a year with fur change. We used to think it was mites as well but our vet says it’s just part of her fur change pattern.
  6. Scarly

    Bunny instagram???!

    @afluffytale also has occasional pics of our budgies
  7. Scarly

    What is this colour / pattern called?

    I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a plush lop. She has the most amazing temperament, more like a dog than a rabbit lol. We got her from a rabbit rescue her mom came into the rescue pregnant when her owners gave her up as they were moving. Her mom is a mini Rex
  8. Scarly

    What is this colour / pattern called?

    oh ok good to know! then she may just be a Rex. Here’s a pic of her at 16 weeks, the day we got her and then just a recent one when she’s hanging out.
  9. Scarly

    What is this colour / pattern called?

    Thanks! So when we rescued thumper she was 4months and her ears were flopped, then around 8 months they started standing up, now she has one ear that doesn’t stand up straight and kind of just sticks out. She fully drops both ears when she’s relaxed. They said she was a Rex lop mix but I...
  10. Scarly

    What is this colour / pattern called?

    Hi all, I have two buns, Peter a lop, and thumper (doe) who is a lop x mini Rex mix. I don’t know much about rabbit markings and color and was wondering if anyone could identify the name of the colours. Peter’s belly is white and the tips of his ears are a little darker brown than the rest of...
  11. Scarly

    Best Digging Materials?

    thanks. I feel like with shredded paper they would just use it as a litter box lol Soil sounds good 👍🏻
  12. Scarly

    Horrific rabbit death

    oh man, it sounds like you have tried to take as many precautions as possible :( that’s disgusting that they would comment things like that! I would loose it if I was in your position. Hopefully he gets what’s coming to him in court.
  13. Scarly

    Horrific rabbit death

    I’m so sorry to hear this! How horrible :( I have a dog with extremely high prey drive (husky / malamute mix) but he is respectful of our bunnies and would never ever be around them unsupervised. If a person chooses to have a dog that has a high prey drive he needs to be trained to have near...
  14. Scarly

    Best Digging Materials?

    I want to set up a digging box for our buns, wondering what material is best to fill it with? Sand? Soil? Shredded Paper? Something else? I’m not worried about a mess more about the bunnies enjoyment and safety/health :) Thanks!
  15. Scarly

    bunny making grunting noises?

    We have two bunnies, our female mini Rex makes very loud grunting sounds when she’s excited so when we come home from work and when it’s feeding time, or sometimes mid Binky it almost sounds like a pig snorting so we call her miss piggy sometimes lol. Our male Holland lop is quite territorial...
  16. Scarly

    new bunny won't eat cecotropes

    Last year we rescued a bunny that produced tons of cecotropes and didn’t eat them. He was given alfalfa hay, guinea pig food and apples by the previous owner. By recommendation of our vet we gave him only Timothy hay, no pellets and no veggies for a week and then very slowly introduced Sherwood...
  17. Scarly

    My Backyard Bunny

    So a couple of things... if he’s having problems with pellets maybe it’s the pellets and not him. We have a bun that we rescued and he had recurring gi stasis and had never been fed hay. When we switched him to Sherwood pet health pellets he improved so much and now eats like a normal bunny and...
  18. Scarly

    How long will hay last me?

    So you want it to be in a dry place. We have pretty high humidity too so I keep it in a closet with a small dehumidifier running in there. But honestly I just bought a 55lb bale yesterday for $12 so even if half of it goes bad you’d still save money. Just look up how to store it in high humidity...
  19. Scarly

    Rabbit relocation

    This might not be an option depending on where you are flying and what airline but many airlines allow animals under 15lb in the cabin if they are in a proper carrier. Maybe you can rebook your flight with a different airline?
  20. Scarly

    Rabbit relocation

    get him Sherwood pet health pellets, the blue bag. It’s for rabbits who do not eat hay or very little hay. You can feed it unlimited in place of hay. I’ve used it on trips as well as for a bunny we rescued who had never eaten hay or veggies, now he eats hay like a champ bug out get said that...