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  1. Pigglebread

    separating rabbits while sick, pasturella, sorry it's a tad long :(

    Ok so I've been struggling to kill a infection in my female, abbey and she's bonded to my male. claudio. She was sneezing snot a lot and was on antibiotics twice because the first round didn't do the trick, I'm still on my toes if it will return in her which I have high fears it will. This...
  2. Pigglebread

    Still sneezing after antibiotics

    My female went in the vet for odd urine dribbles all over the cage and it cleared up over night though so we think it was just a kidney stone and she's fine now with that, I mentioned her sneezing a lot and it got worse the next day. She did not have matted fur or a bad runny nose, but I found...
  3. Pigglebread

    Dark pee spots all over?

    EDIT 5/30/13 - Vet gave me baytril cherry flavored antibiotics for 10 days to see if it clears the sneezys up, the dark pee dribbles stopped after that one day , suspected it was a passed kidney stone. My mini lop girl is leaving these dark spot marks everywhere now, she occasionally left these...
  4. Pigglebread

    No hay for a day and half till next delivery.

    I've got 20 pounds of hay coming in but it won't reach here till Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday the latest but I doubt it will be that long. I've got pellets and greens but is that going to be ok till then? Should I feed unlimited pellets or maybe small servings throughout the day till shipment...
  5. Pigglebread

    Did her spay clear the runny eyes??

    So a few may know that a female I adopted (abbey) for my claudio a month or 2 ago was adopted to me on accident unspayed and they fixed that all up for me and I had her spayed a week ago. When I got her I didn't realize till she was home about how often she had runny eyes, I thought maybe...
  6. Pigglebread

    Female peeing on my male.

    I figure this is something again that she's doing by marking territory? I started this bond late last month and I will say territory droppings a long with mounting have slowed down but still present. She's mounting him and then I notice his back is wet a long with a small puddle on my carpet...
  7. Pigglebread

    Got a new bun, poops everywhere.

    I adopted a new bun recently, she's a mini lop and probably half a year to 1 year older then my 7 month old holland. The bond is going so great that they are already living together in the same cage but I'm still watching closely. She was described as mellow but she perked up insanely the last...
  8. Pigglebread

    Are my rabbits teeth ok?

    Today I looked at my rabbits teeth and I feel like everything looks ok but the right top tooth looks slightly crooked, I'm not sure if this looks abnormal or I need to watch it or what? Healthy or not healthy? edit - Sorry if this belongs in infirmary? I'm not sure, just to add he's a holland...
  9. Pigglebread

    Bonded pairs and success rate?

    I'm still thinking about finding a wifey bun for my little guy this year, still to early though because he was neutered not too long ago. My biggest thought and main concern is separation if it doesn't work out. I want to take him to the shelter for bunny dates and see who he goes best with but...
  10. Pigglebread

    Neuter after care, eating

    My bunny just came home from his neuter, he's pretty tired and zonked sleeping in the back of the cage, he wont accept treats or anything, took I think like 3 bits of hay and went to sleep. I'm worried about how long I should give it till he should eat again, if I have to I can syringe feed some...
  11. Pigglebread

    Is it true a bonded pair is less destructive/troublesome?

    I've read in a few places that 2 rabbits bonded seem to be less troublesome and cause less house damage? I wanted to know for how many this seems true? I'm thinking over getting a second rabbit but not anytime soon I think, Claudio is being neutered this Friday so I have to give it a few months...
  12. Pigglebread

    How often does your rabbit sleep?

    My holland lop sleeps 13-15 hours a day I'd say, but that's a rough guess. Sometimes he will sleep more I'd say. When he gets up though he is active a lot and binkys occasionally. Just curious what you guys consider normal amount of sleeping hours or if it varies from rabbit to rabbit. :apollo:
  13. Pigglebread

    Reaching maturity and neutering

    So soon in these next few months I need to make an appointment to get my guy neutered. He has hit the 4-5 month age mark and is now mounting my dog, my leg, leaving more poop then normal outside the litter box on my floor, and I caught him peeing on my pillow again this morning. The peeing on...
  14. Pigglebread

    Acorn veterinary in Davis, do you like it?

    I just took my Claudio there today for a recent cat incident. The vet I saw was in Davis called acorn veterinary I believe. They seem to have great reviews, does anyone else here take their rabbits there and like the service? I'm considering getting him neauterd there later in the year.:rabbithop
  15. Pigglebread

    Is my bunny tri colored? coloration questions.

    Would you call this tri colored? The vet got me curious when asking what his coloration was and I'm unsure myself. He's got orange,cream,white, and black splotches all over. He's a holland lop, or so it said.
  16. Pigglebread

    cat scratched his eye!

    I'm making an appointment tomorrow but this just happened an hour ago.. Cat is now banned from my room after this. I noticed right away my bunny wasn't opening his eye well at all, I opened it gently as possible and flashed a flash light, I can now he 3 small orbs in the center and a small...
  17. Pigglebread

    Hi, new bunny ♥

    Sorry for the double post! My screen was stuck on loading and I couldn't tell if the post was submitted, sorry for that inconvenience :( It's actually still stuck on loading every time I edit this post or submit anything : I'm new here and look forward to trying to be an active user...